The best alternatives to Tools for keywords!

What are the best tools for the keywords that you can currently find on the web and especially what guidance can we learn from them?
What I can get from a tool for keywords?
These tools are usually useful in preparing content for a website, especially during the design of the publishing plan which will form the semantic structure of the site and that in fact become the source of the borough incoming traffic. For this reason the study of keywords is crucial and knowing how to optimize our content point of view of web marketing is the basis for a successful project uon.
The use of several tools for the ‘ keyword analysis usually allows us to evaluate some of these important factors:
1. Number of queries per month for a keyword at both local and national level.
2. Media competition for that keyword in any campaigns pay per click (via a parameter relative or absolute as the CPC) or organic traffic (some tools are able to provide an estimate of the competition for placement organic).
3. The trend of queries for the keyword , or how these vary throughout the year and the presence of any peaks or moments of decline in research.
4. I suggest any keywords semantically related to our principal who usually provide the valid and interesting alternatives to the originally chosen by us or a source of inspiration for further study of our content.
All these factors together provide us with valuable information on the potential of a keyword and should be used for the planning of the contents of a website .
Tools keywords google has been replaced by keywords planner
But back to us, what can we use now that tools for keywords Google has been retired?
Do not worry, as he said Levoisier nothing is lost, everything is renewed and transformed, our beloved instrument for keywords is no exception in this and turns into keywords planner .
Google had already made the announcement a few months ago alerting users that the transition to the new instrument already proposing a preview to make sure that the transition from one to another was as soft as possible.
How does it differ from the different instrument?
Discovering Keyword Planner.
Keyword planner is not very different from tools for keywords , however there are some important differences that we find:
First of all, we will be forced to use it to be logged into our account and have a google adwords account , then say goodbye to the odious recaptcha that we were facing before.
The interesting thing in my opinion that is introduced is the value of the CPC , interesting as it introduces a value of absolute scale, in addition to the competition that comes out of discrete scale (low, medium, high). Another added value of the new planner are the trends in queries throughout the year. planner Keyword finally gives us the traffic estimates for each keyword if we decide to use it for our PPC campaign.
Some alternatives to Keyword Planner:
Assuming that there are many tools available, some free and other fee are worth mentioning some of the most common and user friendly, it being understood that even those reported in the ‘ article that I wrote last year are very good, especially SerpIQ and KeywordSpy .
Semrush is a great tool because it allows in-depth analysis of keywords, a true All in One that meets all the features of our checklist for a good keyword tool . In its basic version and free can do a limited number of daily transactions by entering into a plan from $ 69 you can get a wide range of information such as analysis of competitors , analysis of the organic search on the PPC campaigns and in beta stage introduces an analysis of the traffic Adsense. 
Semrush is so much more than a simple keyword tool but is a real SEO tool to 360 degrees. Failing to carry out the subscription are not able to tell you if the competitor analysis and backlinks are valid and reliable like the famed Ahrefs or Majestic SEO , expect maybe some feedback from any of you who have tried it!
Google Trends
Of course I cannot mention this beautiful evergreen among the keywords tools : why is a keyword can also be full of queries but also the stock exchange as these range from fear throughout the year. And then we find out that maybe our beloved keyword is searched in reality a great deal for two weeks a year and almost nothing in the remaining period to the pace of our investments to position in organic when maybe it would have been more effective than a targeted campaign in adwords …
Who can give us an indication of the monthly fluctuations in the queries of a keyword?
It is google trends , a really useful tool! You can see in this link. Among other things, some days I can appreciate in its new graphic interface!
Youtube Keyword Tool
If your publishing plan involves the use of video on YouTube and you want to work also with their placement then I recommend you take a look at this YouTube tool , because the video you are placed with a different logic on YouTube and of course the query are completely different, so it is worth taking a look to assess potential market niches and interesting to propose our content in an alternative but equally effective.
There are many tools for keywords, each of them has some peculiarities compared to the others and provides valuable information in order to draw up an effective plan for our publishing websites. I find that the new keywords planner has introduced interesting innovations and that in it could be a good tool all in one base from which he never apart. Keep in mind however that for an effective strategy should be used more tools and comparisons made, only then will we be able to fully grasp the nuances and variables involved!
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