How to Choose the Right Keywords?

How to Choose the Right Keywords?

How to Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is the heart of a blog/website traffic. Wrong in choosing the right keywords, then SEO optimization will be heavy.

To choose the right keywords, we must familiarize ourselves with the Google External Keyword Tool. Please visit the Google External Keyword Tool .

Google External Keyword Tool is a very useful tool in SEO Optimization, especially when it comes to choosing the right keywords.

Steps for beginners to choose the right keywords:


In the Word or Phrase field , enter the keyword for which we want to see variations. For example "Online Business", "Blogspot Tips", etc.

Change Category according to our needs, according to the keywords we want to find.

We can narrow down the search location in Advanced Options and Filters, if it doesn't need to be skipped.

Enter the appropriate captcha.

Press Search.

Important Factors in Choosing the Right Keywords:


After doing the right keyword research with the five steps above, we need to pay attention to important factors in choosing the right keywords.

Important Factors in Choosing Keywords (Keywords)

Pay attention to the balance of the value of competition (competition) and the number of monthly searches. Try to choose keywords whose competition is not too high, but many people are looking for (Competition = Low ; Monthly Search = High) .

Focus on increasing the variety of long keywords (consisting of 5 words or more). Because short keywords (less than four words) have become the property of well-established and popular websites/blogs.

That's how to choose the right keywords for better blog traffic. Hope it is useful.

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