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Hello Dreamers,
Welcome to Dream To Blog – A community where you will get every resource free of cost so as to take steps ahead to fulfill your dream and be your own boss
My Dream behind launching Dream To Blog  :
Everyone should know " How To Blog And Earn Money "
In this world of digital media, the Internet is used by 76 % of people residing in different parts of the world This is why advertisers pay bloggers to promote their product or services on their blog to reach a large mass of people in this digital world
Here, I will provide you step by step guide to start your blog and to tackle every problem you will face I will be there 24×7 to help you out by writing posts or creating video tutorials or emails
Beneath this topic, We will go with the following steps :
  • How To Register A Domain And Web Host
  • How To Choose A Web Hosting Platform
  • How To Design Your Website
  • How To Choose Content For Website
  • How To Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  • How To Get Visitors To Your Website
  • How To Make Money From Your Website
Everyone should know " Ideas To Earn Money Online "
There are many ideas by which you can start making small money but consistently moving on that path will lead to make you huge money. I will share with you different money making ideas, tips, and tricks through this blog
Today in this world of internet users many persons are earning huge money online. With patience and practice, you can make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, and other income-generating activities online for your livelihood
After a survey, it is known that many people quit online earning as they aren’t able to earn money but I grantee you this is a long term business and as time passes you will be able to earn good money online
    Other Addons I Have Attached With This Blog Seeing The Need Of It In Toady's World
  • News At Glance: information on “ What Is Happening Throughout The World “
  • Jobs At Glance: Job Openings And Competitive Exams Throughout The World
  • Tutorials At Glance : HTML , Java , CSS ,PHP , Javascript etc.
  • Tips And Tricks: Many tips and tricks to learn
  • Prepare Your Exams: Everything you need to prepare your exams
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About Admin " Madan Mohan " ( the dreamer behind Dream To Blog )

Madan Mohan ( Admin, Dream To Blog ) 

I am also a dreamer just like you, but I have taken a step towards fulfilling my dream and thus launched this blog " DreamToBlog.com "
I completed my primary education at Gyan Niketan School, Patna in 2009 and then started preparing for ” IIT-JEE ” just like everyone but within two months I realized that I am not interested and even after seeing the syllabus and questions asked in IIT-JEE, I quitted.
Finally, for fulfilling my family members dream, I joined Priyadarshini College Of Engineering, Nagpur in 2010 and received my degree in Information Technology from Nagpur University in 2014. I was not brilliant like others due to which my paper didn’t get cleared in many semesters but finally in the eighth semester I cleared all my paper approx 13 papers and realized that I can do anything with my labor.
After taking my degree, the harshest time of every engineer i.e. job search begins. I failed in searching for a job for me. I went to New Delhi and started taking tuition's for my pocket money and suddenly a time came when my tuition's get closed.
After that, I gave an interview for Business Representative Executive in Fbb SBI Credit Card and got selected. My workplace was Big Bazaar, PM Mall, Patna. I got depressed that after engineering I am doing this job as all my colleagues were undergraduate but keeping in mind ” any job is not small or big ” I carry out selling credit cards to Big Bazaar Customers. But Many Customers Talked rudely in response to my polite questions due to which I felt bad and again quitted after three months.
Then after sitting at home for 10 days unemployed, I got the news that one of my relatives is opening a showroom in Patna. She invited our family to the opening ceremony. There I motivated her to create an online website for the showroom to enhance business and she agreed and given me, Rs 25000 to create her showroom website.which was the first website I created " www.anuttarafabric.com ".
Again in March 2015, I got a call from Vectra Geospatial India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore for my new job and I joined. Working in this company, I got time to enhance my skill of blogging and also tried many online earning methods. Many, I fail but in many, I started getting money in dollars and carried this work in part-time to enhance my hobby of earning online.

For my part-time income, I created two more websites namely " www.shreekumar.org " and " www.evogenesecurity.com ". Later I created one of my own website " www.techindiaonline.com " in 2015 but I didn't succeed in getting Google AdSense approval for my website.

Someone told the truth that the people learn from their own mistakes. Seriously it happened with me. I learned many new things and later I succeeded in getting Google AdSense approval for two of my websites " www.loudstudy.com " and " www.dreamtoblog.com " in 2017.
In March 2017, I got a call from WIPRO based on my experience and I joined but now I am ready to share all my ideas with the world on how to earn money online. You can start it part-time but after time passes you can carry out this as full-time and will be your own BOSS.
I will try to bring new ideas, tips, tricks and tutorials to enhance your skill and make you a good online earner.