What is an affiliate marketing ?

Most individuals who want to earn money online always has a question " What is an affiliate marketing ? " Now in this post, i will answer this question " What is an affiliate marketing ? "

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business pays you some profit of the money they earn from the customers sent by you to buy their products or services.
Still in doubt, no problem, let me explain you with an example :
Phase 1: Launching a product : Suppose a led bulb manufacturing company manufactured a 20 watt led bulb, now they want to promote their product i.e. 20 watt led bulb.
Phase 2 : Meeting the advertiser : They will come to advertisers or promoters who will help them by letting people know about their new products by various advertising methods, either it be by offline advertising as newspaper ads, tv ads, wall banners etc or by online advertising like social media advertising, website advertising etc.
Phase 3 : Promoting the product : Now the adverti…