BlueHost : Beginner’s guide to buy a domain name and hosting plan

Beginner’s guide to buy a domain name and hosting plan

BlueHost : Beginner’s guide to buy a domain name and hosting plan

In this post I will provide you a step by step guide to buy a domain name and hosting plan, as this is a beginner’s guide I am providing all steps in details.
Step 1 : Go to
Type in any browser and land to BlueHost homepage, click on get started now
bluehost home
Step 2 : Select your hosting plan
You will land to a page where there are three hosting plans, click on select to choose one of the three plans
I recommend you to start with the basic plan as a beginner and it is also cheaper than other two plans mentionedbluehost hosting plan
NOTE : Each hosting plans comes with a free domain name and thus you don’t need to pay for your domain name
Step 3 : Choose a new ( free ) domain
Now, You will land to a page asking you for new domain name or an existing domain name, just choose a new domain name to keep process simple
bluehost domain name
Type your new domain name and click on next, I recommend you to start with a new domain name as it is free of cost and easy to set up
Step 4 : Enter your account Details
Now, you will land on a page where you have to fill required details, First comes is the account details, just fill all required information and scroll down
bluehost account information
Step 5 : Check package information
Check your package information, uncheck the options “Domain Privacy Protection”, “Site Backup Pro” and “Sitelock Security” as you don’t need them in the beginning and also it will increase your expense
bluehost package info
Step 6 : Complete your payment
By default, you will see the option to make payment via credit card only
bluehost payment
if you want to make payment via PayPal, click on “more payment options” and it will reveal the pay by PayPal option as well
bluehost payment infofill required details, check agree to terms and conditions and then click on submit
Step 7 : Create your password
After making payment, you will land to a sales page, ignore this and click on complete

bluehost web hosting
source : shoutmeloud

On the next page, you will see a confirmation message and click on create your password

bluehost hosting confirmation
source : shoutmeloud

I recommend you to use a password generator to create a complex password, copy and paste the password in a safe place and click on paste and then click on create

bluehost password
source : shoutmeloud
Step 8 : Login to your BlueHost CPanel
Check your email inbox, and you will find a confirmation email with all of the login information for your web hosting account

bluehost email
                                                                            source : shoutmeloud

Go to and Click on “login” at the top, in the login field type your domain name and password and click on “submit”
bluehost login
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