Keyword Research : first step to SEO ( Beginner’s Tips )

Keyword Research - first step to SEO

Keyword Research referred to as the first step to SEO is a technique to find out the right search term internet users can use in a search engine ( google, bing, yahoo, etc. ) to find out subjects related to different topics you had on your blog.
Generally, it is a technique to read internet users' minds, suppose you had written a post on “How to start a blog” now coming to internet users can search “start a blog” or “steps to start a blog” or “how to start a blog in 2022” in search engines for same subjects. 
Now here comes the use of keyword research where you will analyze “which keyword is searched most of the time” and finally state that we should use a keyword that has high volume i.e. a large number of searches, as well as fewer competitions i.e. used by less number of blogger on your subject related blogs.
This will lead to appear your blog on the first page of the search engine leading to an increase in visitors to your blog as most internet visitors visit only those page that comes on the first page of their search engine.
There are various online tools that make your keyword research easy, some most common among them are as follows :
It is a product of Google AdWords created for google customers who want to advertise their products or services using Google AdWords, but you can use it free of cost i.e. you don’t need to buy any advertising package from google AdWords to use this tool
It helps in the analysis of our target keywords with respect to the average monthly search volume and competition of our target keywords. It also helps us in finding proper and related keywords for our blog posts
Almost half of the blogger’s community uses this tool to carry out their keyword research
For free, you will get hundreds of suggested keywords, but you need a paid plan to access search volume estimations
SEMRUSH is not a typical keyword research tool; it offers so much more than just researching keywords.
Unlike other tools where you need to add seed keywords to start your research, here you just need to add your URL (or your competitor’s URL) and it will show you all of the keywords that are ranking for that site.
It is available for 14-day free trial after that you had to pay for using it.
KWFinder is a typical keyword research tool that helps you get the Keyword that will help you drive highly targeted traffic
KWFinder offers both free & paid plans but in free plans, you can only conduct a limited amount of searches for free
Conclusion :
I recommend you to use Google Keyword Planner as it is a free tool and user-friendly and it is used by almost half of the blogger’s community to carry out their keyword research.

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