3 Tips SEO Keyword

How can you tell google what keywords you want on each blog page to rank google ? You only do this by using 3 keyword SEO tips, namely keywords in the url, keywords in the title , and keywords in tags .

It sounds simple but it is overlooked by many websites. for example we will tell Google that the keywords on our page are "learn seo for beginners".

Here are 3 SEO tips for keywords:

1. Keyword in URL

Make sure that your URL is in the form www.example.com/belajar seo for beginners (.Htm or .Php or .Aspx or whatever). Avoid URLs without keywords in them, for example: www.example.com/products.htm?id=123456789. It doesn't matter what you use to create your site, on your site there must be a way to enter keywords in the URL . My advice, a good URL is a URL that only contains keywords and not useless words and does not even contain keywords at all.

2. Keyword in the Title (title) The

use of keywords in the title / title is very easy. For example, " learn seo for beginners " | example.com

My advice Do not repeat all the titles on your page, and do not enter the same keywords in all the titles of your posts. A few extra words in the title is a good idea, especially if you use English that is readable and easy to understand.

3. keywords in the h1 tag

When you describe "learn seo for beginners", there should be a header above your description. Add the tag, for example: learn seo for beginners . The title should also have a few additional words that are different from the title words.

good luck :)

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