3 SEO Tips for Keyword Research

How can you tell Google what keywords you want on each blog page to rank google? You only do this by using 3 keyword SEO tips, namely keywords in the URL, keywords in the title, and keywords in tags.

It sounds simple but it is overlooked by many websites. for example, we will tell Google that the keywords on our page are "learn SEO for beginners".

Here are 3 SEO tips for keywords:

1. Keyword in URL

Make sure that your URL is in the form www.example.com/belajar SEO for beginners (.Htm or . Php or . Aspx or whatever). Avoid URLs without keywords in them, for example, www.example.com/products.htm?id=123456789. It doesn't matter what you use to create your site, on your site there must be a way to enter keywords in the URL. My advice, a good URL is a URL that only contains keywords and not useless words and does not even contain keywords at all.

2. Keyword in the Title (title) The

use of keywords in the title/title is very easy. For example, " learn SEO for beginners " | example.com

My advice is to Do not repeat all the titles on your page and not enter the same keywords in all the titles of your posts. A few extra words in the title is a good idea, especially if you use English that is readable and easy to understand.

3. keywords in the h1 tag

When you describe "learn seo for beginners", there should be a header above your description. Add the tag, for example: learn seo for beginners. The title should also have a few additional words that are different from the title words.

good luck :)

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