8 important terms you should know before starting keyword research

starting keyword research

Keyword research mainly refers to selection of the right keyword for your blog posts .This mainly leads to growth of our blog in short period of time and attract visitors to our blog.
Proper Keywords Used In Your Blog Will Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly and thus will lead to an increase in traffic to your blog.
Important terms to know before starting a keyword research :
Target Keyword : This is a keyword or simply word which drive traffic to respective URL of your blog.
Position Of Keyword : Position of keyword used in your blog at Google Search . Mainly target keyword should be ranked on first page of Google.
Volume : Average Monthly Search defines keywords volume i.e. how many peoples are searching for the required keyword in a month.
Keyword Competition : It is a measure to determine how difficult it will be to rank the Target Keyword.
Keywords Research : It is a measure used to find alternative search term that people can use while looking for similar subjects . Usually we should use a keyword which has high volume but low competitions.
Short Tail Keywords : These are generally short keywords i.e. 1-3 words . Ex : blogging , make money blogging , wordpress guide.
Long Tail Keyword : These are generally long keywords i.e.  4-5 words . Ex : WordPress tips and tricks , how to make money online.
Meta Keywords : At the time of publishing our posts we have to define our target keywords which is called meta keyword . But due to change in Google Search Algorithms it’s no more useful . This is because many new bloggers at the time of publishing their posts use many keywords and this leads to misdirect people from original content.

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