7 Excellent Tips For Pay Per Click Advertising For Instant Traffic Boost


What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click Advertising is the fastest way to get instant traffic to a website or blog. Thanks to Google Adwords, you'll start getting website traffic as soon as quarter-hour. However, the advertiser must have skills to run an efficient pay per click campaign to avoid losing money during this business.

Here we have listed 7 excellent tips for pay per click advertising for instant traffic boost which are as follows:

1. Target only the long tail keywords. These keywords have less traffic, but they cost much less per click since competition for these keywords isn't so hot. Another reason to focus on these long tail keywords is because the advertising campaign are going to be simpler with a better CTR, less cost per click due to high CTR and it converts better since that’s exactly what people are looking for.

There is a difference between searching for “music” and seeing an ad about U2 latest CD, and searching for “U2 latest CD” and seeing the ad which matches exactly the search query. Make a list of long tail keywords using Google keyword tool with Adwords integration to see how many people you will get for these keywords, the amount of competition, and also the price per click.

2. The ad title is the most important part because that’s the first thing the Google user sees and starts judging the entire ad and product based on it. You should use 50 different titles per campaign to see which ad gets the higher CTR. Sometimes the words you never considered using are the words which get the foremost clicks.

3. The primary ad line is that the second most vital a part of the ad because if people just like the title and still read, this is often where they're going to continue to judge the ad. Write several different versions to ascertain which performs the simplest .

4. Use words like “discover” and “proven” and “professional” to draw in top quality clicks.

5. The ad at the very best gets the highest CTR but rarely converts also because the ads within the second and third place. Always aim for these positions because even though you get less traffic, each click costs less and the conversion rates are higher. This will end in a simpler pay per click advertisement.

The only reason to get to the first position is if you can convert so well that it compensates to bid higher to convert more people at the expense of paying more per click. However, ranking at the top attracts more window shoppers who are just curious but rarely buy anything.

6. Words such as “buy”, “purchase”, “discount”, and “affordable” are words which clearly indicate that the ad is there to sell a product. This will lower the CTR because people trying to find free information and products won't click it, and can also lower your ad position rank, but if you'll still manage to be in third position at least, you will get a more effective campaign because you will get clicks only from people interested in purchasing the product.

7. Always select to point out more often the higher performing ads. This is the automated thanks to select only the very best effective ads.

Pay per click advertisements will probably be around until the end of the internet so invest hard on pay per click knowledge and experience because there will always be traffic to convert into sales.

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