5 Ways To Drive Traffic When Your Blog is Brand New

A new blog is something to get excited about. Many new bloggers who are real excited about the potential for their new blog grow impatient quickly. In the early days of a blog, traffic can be scarce. It takes time to build momentum but here are some easy ways to drive traffic when your blog is brand new.
That traffic could soon snowball into search engine rankings, subscribers, repeat and referring visitors, and revenue.

5 Ways To Drive Traffic

  1. Post on Social Media – Social media draws attention to your new blog posts and could start driving traffic in. Don’t forget to put bookmarklets on your blog that enable readers to share your posts with their social media followers! Bookmarklets are the little social media icons that you see at the top of this page, just below the title: 5 Ways To Drive Traffic When Your Blog is Brand New. It’s an ideal place to receive some social media love from your readers (hint-hint).
  2. Call in Favours – Do you have other blogging friends and /or networking groups that you hang out with online? Why not ask them to check out your new blog and share it on their blog or social circles? It never hurts! And it could help kick-start things for you. Be prepared to return the favour, too.
  3. Paid Advertising – Paid ads can start to drive traffic for you to get the ball rolling. A Google Adwords campaign or Facebook advertising campaign, for example, could be helpful in driving some interested people to your blog. A good design could gain you a subscriber that will come back without it costing you money.
  4. Off Page Content – Create some off page content that points back to your blog. Consider doing some syndicated article content on an article directory, a guest blog post that points back to your new blog, a press release that you syndicate to drive traffic to your new blog, and so on. The off-page content could do two things for you, including: driving traffic to your blog, and helping search engines take notice because other pages are linking to a new page they haven’t yet indexed. This could bode well for your early SEO efforts!
  5. Keep on Posting! – Don’t over-post in the early days as a brand new blog that suddenly has 50 posts will probably look strange to the likes of Google. It is hard to keep the momentum if you start too fast. But steady posting will definitely help. Work hard at building your audience from the start with a good strategy and you could definitely hit the ground running and build momentum fast.
These are 5 easy ways to drive traffic when your blog is brand new. I look forward to seeing your new blog!

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