Six SMO Success Tips for New Bloggers

Six SMO Success Tips for New Bloggers
Social Media Optimisation, aka SMO, can help your blog flourish in a number of ways. It can help you gain exposure with search engine spiders, which could start to send organic traffic your way and it could help your blog get noticed.
Not only will social media optimisation get a blog post noticed by people who may act on the content within the post (to earn you money now or in the future) but social media optimisation can also help your blog post go viral and get more eyes on it. Here are some good basic approaches to help you optimise your blog and each blog post you write for good social media results.

#1: Optimise the Blog for Social Media Overall

A good-looking blog template will serve you well and there are some great free and premium WordPress templates that incorporate social media optimisation.  Widgets or templates can add links and /or feeds to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles.  Ensure your blog can easily lead people to your accounts so that they can find you on those accounts and connect with you off the blog. If people visit your blog today and don’t subscribe or purchase anything but they do hit ‘like’ on your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter or another social network you leave the door open to marketing to them in the future.

#2: Optimise Each Post for Your Social Accounts

Integrate a bookmarklet, too, so that your blog posts have an option for people to click to share on social media. This way you’re getting access to their followers, too. ‘Add This’ is a free widget on WordPress that can help you with this, for example.

#3: Post on Social Media

Add your new posts to social media accounts. You can do this manually or through an automated system like HootSuite. Then you’re sharing each new post with your followers and, in some cases, the general public.

#4: Interact on Social Sites

Beyond simply pushing out links to new posts on social media, be sure you act social on social media, too. People won’t necessarily want to follow someone who seems robotic. People who inject some of their personality into their accounts could get more followers and have more of their links go viral.

#5: Optimise Your Social Networking Profiles

Every social networking site has a profile on it. Some are more detailed than others but as a general rule profiles can help people find your blog and connect with you elsewhere online. Link to your blog and take advantage of the profiles to promote your blog. If someone finds something you’ve posted interesting they can then click on your profile and opt to interact with you further.

#6: Measure Results

Not all social media sites bring about great results. There are many factors that come into play. Measure results so that you can determine whether or not certain social sites or certain social activities are bringing you good results. You can use this informationto help you decide where to focus most of your efforts and to help you determine ways of getting more out of sites that aren’t bringing about the results you’re hoping for, too.  There are tools that can help with this and reading your blog’s traffic reports can help you determine whether or not Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or other sites are actually driving convertible traffic your way.

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