Facebook hash tag for better search

Friends, nowadays a lot of social networking sites are existing to connect people like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. All have different layouts and concepts.
As we know, Facebook is the leading and most popular social network due to its functionality and user-friendly interface, but each element has some limitations, but the question is how to fix it?
Facebook provides facilities such as posting, grouping, fan page and many more, but what they need to do the concept or keyword based posting? People will always short and sweet significance for posting. As Twitter and many other social sites provides tag based can posting, which means that you post on the site with certain brand, which has meaning or represents the brand or product. For example, if you are a fan of cricket team India, so is there like some tags available “#ind”.
All posts with regard to Indian cricket team may included in the “#ind” tag. You can click on the tag to know about Indian cricket team updates and also can send with brand by using #ind. You can easily handle various brands and products by using the hash tag. It is not good to deal with?
Facebook we still posting in limited people groups based on special stream, but what about the rest of the people who may be interested in your power. So finally, Facebook got flashed, and decided to add the hash tag facility, which you can send using tags in which you are interested and your posts can be searched by hash tag.

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