Google Adsense Money: How To Get Started

Google Adsense is the biggest advertising network and Google’s goal is to use your website or blog to show their ads and Google shares the biggest share of the profits. Estimations says that Google Adsense is installed on more than 80% of all websites and blogs. The earnings potential are huge, there are more Google Adsense millionaires than on any other online business because their ads work, they get clicks and they convert the clicks into sales.
1. You need a website or blog before attempting to sign up for Google Adsense. The best way get approved is to have a Blogger blog, with no ads, and at least 20 high quality posts and using simple templates provided by Blogger. Google will look at your content and layout and decide if your blog is good enough to be accepted by the Google Adsense team.
2. Once you have a blog, register for Google Adsense. Google will take a few days to approve your website or blog.
3. If you are not approved, read the reasons why Google rejected your blog. It can be because of lack of content, or too many widgets installed or anything. Almost all Blogger blogs are approved at the first attempt because the system is created by Google so everything is in full compliance with their terms. You should be approved as soon as you revise your Blogger blog.
4. Now that you are inside Google Adsense it’s time to select the ads which generate the most money. According to Google’s official Adsense blog, the ads which generate the most money are the Big Square and the Big Tower, so for maximum revenue, you should use three big squares on your blog. Google limits the numbers of units per page to just three so do not even try to insert more than three ads per page.
5. Blending the ads with the content is a must. As you can see in most blogs, the border’s color is the same as the page’s background color.
6. The link color should be the same as your blog’s link color so people know that these ads are links to click. The text color should also be exactly the same color as the text used on your blog.
7. Now that your ads are ready where should you insert them? Official Google data shows that ads right between the post’s title and the post itself is the best place of all. Also, ads right below the blog’s title is a proven place which attracts clicks. The third ad should go to near the navigation panel. Do not place any ads below the blog because they won’t get much attention or clicks.
8. Now it’s all about traffic. The more traffic you attract to your blog, the more money you will make, all the time. Your only goal now, to make as much as possible with Google Adsense, is to write as many high quality, keyword rich, interesting posts as your fingers can. The more posts you write, the more traffic Google will send you using web search. Another way to attract high quality traffic is to share your post on Facebook.

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