Using Advertising Networks to Monetize your Blog

Advertising networks are great tools to monetize your blog however you need to keep it simple and place contextual advertising in key places so that you won’t destroy your very own site.  This is actually a double edge technique because it can make you money but can also drive people away from your site which is why you need the right mixture of visual elements, good design and contextual advertising spaces within your blog to make things work out for you.

Contextual Advertising Networks:

If you have been around online business then you have certainly heard about contextual advertising networks or ad networks for short.  Basically these networks scan your content in order to deliver advertisements which are relevant to the site’s topic, good examples of CANs are Google Adsense, the Yahoo Publisher network and MSN Adcenter; there are actually many more of these networks but we will stick to these three for the time being.

The way these advertising networks work is by crediting a publisher’s account every time a visitor clicks over an ad, this ad can be delivered in the form of an animated banner, text ads or even video ads (Google) - Once a visitor has clicked this link he/she will be taken to a landing page where a certain product related to your site is being promoted.  A publisher’s account is credited regardless of sales.  This model is actually quite controversial for advertisers since there have been several reports of click fraud, however Google and these big search engines have put several algorithms into place in order to deter fraudulent actions.

Blog Implementation:

Before putting this technique in action is is recommended that you create some content and get traffic to your site, the reason to take such action is because it allows you to test what type of advertising method works best with the people visiting your site.  If you have seen sites which over-use Google’s adsense then you know it is very unattractive and people can be driven away from a site by the looks of it, instead make sure you reserve a good spot for contextual advertising, if text ads don’t work then you will be able to switch to banner advertising which is more attractive to people because they see illustrations and not plain links, if this method doesn’t work you still have a reserved advertising spot in your blog which can be used to show ads from a different ad system.

Remember that the most important thing with ad networks is to test the waters, by this we mean if Google Adsense doesn’t work well with your site, then you might be better of switching the entire method to rev share service advertising or even pay-per-sign up programs.  It has been reported by many publishers that even when a site reaches great traffic statistics the earnings might not be what you would expect, switching from this monetization method to another will allow you to test your site and traffic which will make it easy for you to determine what works best and which method will make you more money, that is the bottom line.

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