Getting Started With Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is that the science of writing blogs to sell products, services or advertisements. The industry is large with many many blogs registered and each day many thousands of latest blogs are created. Almost all blogs are free yet they make money using Google Adsense or another advertising program or affiliate marketing website.

1. Register a domain because no blog has authority without a custom domain. The only cost you will have with Blogger and a custom domain is 10$ per year to register the domain and everything else is handled by Google. If you want to use WordPress instead, you will need to host the blog in a server that costs around 5$ per month but you need WordPress only if you need something more than just posting great content. For simple content blogs, such as diaries, Blogger is all you need.

2. Write a lot of content for the blog. A blog without content is worthless. Content is what makes people visit your blog and come back. Sure the template and the server speed are useful to keep people on the blog for longer, but it’s the content the real factor which determines how many people you will have on your blog and how many times they will come back. Killer content is content that improves people’s lives. Entertainment makes people happy, information keeps people happily informed and tools such as apps makes people happy with useful gadgets. Since content is the most important part and no huge amount of content is too much you may want to outsource this part to a professional.

3. Blog marketing can be used to promote a company or to promote affiliate products. You need to choose your business model. Most bloggers choose to promote advertisements (mostly Google Adsense) or affiliate products, such as Clickbank software and books. Whatever method you use, make sure it is compatible with your blog. Some blogs work perfectly with Google Adsense and others do not get clicks. Test several revenue generation systems and stick with the one that generates the most dollars per month and keep that system. Of course that if a new opportunity appears, give it a chance but rarely there are better options than Google Adsense and Clickbank.

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4. Blog promotion is the next part of the business. Blogs without professional promotion rarely get any visits because Google does not know much about it and doubts about ranking it high. To make things worse, people do not know about you blog so they do not make links back to it. Promotion is almost as important as content. Obviously Facebook is the most important website to promote anything. Use your Facebook wall to promote you blog, as well as groups and pages. It’s a clever idea to make a fan page to your blog to be able to share content with more than 4000 friends.

Blog marketing is here to stay. The potential is immense because Google serves billions of searches every single day, including weekends, and these searchers are looking for information which could be just inside your blog. People search then follow to your blog and click the ads to buy the product and everyone makes money.

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