Great Tips for Live Tweeting Success

If you’re a brand looking for real-time interaction with your customers then you probably won’t be able to find a better option than Twitter. The website is the ideal platform on so many levels and is fantastic for enhancing aspects such as event commentary, the second screen experience, and a wide range of other crucial parts of the marketing mix.
Live Tweeting
Real-time tweeting offers brands, businesses, and the consumer a whole host of benefits and is a fantastic tool for engaging the customer. So, how do you go about benefitting from live tweeting and how do you use it to make your efforts a success?
The Hashtag
If you’re getting involved in real-time tweeting, then the hashtag is really and truly your best friend and is the most important aspect of achieving live tweeting success. Hashtags help you to find others, engage with them and discuss particular things or even a live event.
Of course, finding the correct hashtag is a necessity and the only way to do so is to research it in depth – there’s no other real alternative.
This can be done before the event and you should do so research to see the sort of thing that’s being used most commonly in the run-up to the event. You should never assume that a particular hashtag is being used as it may well not be and you may end up limiting your audience significantly. Even if the event is an on-going one or an annual one – never assume. For example, using the hashtag #xfactor may not be completely suitable as others like ‘#xfactor2013 or Xfactor13 may be more utilized.
How to Engage
If you’re beginning a live tweeting session, you need to understand the sheer importance of engaging people as it offers the perfect opportunity to build relations. You are more likely to befriend someone with the same interest as you and tweeting live at events you’re interested in is the perfect way to befriend like-minded individuals, with similar interests, involved in a similar business. At My Social Agency, social media actions like these have helped us achieve a lot of opportunities.
Engage these people through direct interaction, so in the case of Twitter by using RTs, DM, and by favorites. These should always be credible, sincere, and with a real purpose. You may receive some positive interactions in return too.
Live means Live
A lot of people tend to mistake a live tweet for an update. Live means it is life and this means not using updates alone, but also things like images, video, and quotes – these will help you stand out above the other live tweeters.
The Buzz
Before you tweet try and create a buzz about your live tweeting prior to the event itself as this will help the numbers of people who take an interest. Alert as many people as possible that you will be live tweeting about an event. This offers them the chance to appear and be there when you start to tweet live. If you’re giving a talk, you don’t turn up unannounced and live-tweeting is the same. Be sure to mention it on your blog, Facebook, twitter, newsletter, or wherever else beforehand and then you’ll be able to create a buzz around your efforts.
Buzz creates Buzz
By creating a buzz about an event or your live tweeting in a specific industry, you create excitement over further events of this nature. If your first events are a success, then people tend to assume that you will live tweet on further events. This means that they will tend to go to you like the live tweeter for an industry.
Continuous live tweeting creates a loyal and expanding audience and soon you’re the industry person for live tweeting. This will provide you with a wide range of engagement opportunities and will benefit your business or brand significantly.
It’s easy to understand that live tweeting can be of significant benefit, however making it a success is another thing. We hope that with these tips you can manage to push yourself to the very fore of your industry and make yourself a credible and engaging live tweeting hero that rises above all others.

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