Where To Get Amazing Content For Your Niche Sites?


I often hear niche site or blog owners saying “how can I create great content for my site?” or “I don’t know what to write about?” So how can you get amazing fresh relevant ideas for your niche site?

Writing content shouldn’t be hard. And if you know a few secrets and tips it isn’t.

The internet is huge. In fact I would say it is too huge and the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.

If you want content for your site you want it to be original and you want it to be fresh. As up to date as possible. We want to find the information that people are talking about now. We want to find the information that people want to read or are looking to read about.

I use an easy process to generate content so that you will never have trouble again finding relevant up to date content to write about.

My Two Step Process For Creating Content For Niche Sites.

2 easy steps for content creation for your niche site: Forums and Yahoo answers.

What is your niche? Getting abs? Anxiety? Weight loss? Internet marketing? Guess what there are amazing forums for all these niches and every other niche you can think of.

Type your “niche” plus “forums” into Google and see what you get. Go into one of forums. Most forums allow you to view the content without registering first. Browse around. See what the users are talking about.

My method is to find one thread you think is interesting and start to create a post from it.

What are the key questions? What are some of the answers proposed? Tie these all up with some of your own input and you have an up to date relevant post for your blog.

Yahoo answers is very similar to a forum. People type in a problem and members of the public write the answer. Then the question setter picks the best answer that suits the original question. There is a lot of spamming and trolling on Yahoo answers but on the whole you can get some really good content ideas. Find a relevant question or questions and look at the answers. Pick these apart and use them for a post on your blog.

You can now see that getting ideas for content for your niche blog is not difficult. Finding all the relevant information is out there. It is just down to you to collate the information into a readable format and post up onto your blog.

Trust me, this is a much better way of finding and creating content than just making it up. Or saying to yourself “what will people want to read about” doing it this way is backward and will take up tons of time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something out of it. Please comment with your own ideas.

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