How To Find Niche Ideas For A Website or blog?


Niche ideas for websites are all around you. However, not all niches are created equal. I am about to share with you 7 killer places you can find the best niches online. 

You should even have a pen and paper ready because you will want to make notes of the places and the niche ideas you will come up with. Especially the ones that resonate with you. The niches that you will have interest in. These are the ones for you to target. 

I’ve mentioned this before but you don’t need to be the absolute expert to break into a niche. You have probably read this elsewhere as well. And i think it’s true. If you know more about a subject than the reader or listener or customer they will want to hear from you.

1. First place for niche ideas is This site highlights just what people are prepared to pay for! Take a look through the magazines categories and start browsing. People are paying subscriptions to these magazines every month. Yes these are full fledged companies producing these magazine but you could create a web site based on a sub niche of one of these magazines and pull in an audience.

Offer Vault

2. Slightly different approach to number one. Next up is Bit of a secret if you don’t already know about offer vault. I first heard about offer vault from a paid internet marketing course I took. When I first saw it i was amazed and excited. It lists tons of amazing affiliate offer. Searching through these you can find a product first and then build a niche site around it. If you can find great keywords then you have yourself a business! 

Amazon Best Seller List

3. The amazon best sellers list. Good old Amazon. King of the internet and an amazing place for research on so many levels. The main one being their best sellers lists.

Another thing you may want to take a look at for niche ideas is the Table of Contents of best selling books by using the “Look Inside” feature on There are sub-niches galore to be discovered inside the tables of contents of those books.

eBay Pulse

4. Another giant of the internet is eBay. eBay is a great place for buying and selling it is also another place for some great niche research. We can use eBay pulse . eBay pulse is great at showing you the most popular searches and trends on eBay. You can also browse categories and stores on eBay to spark niche ideas. The categories section is one among the foremost in-depth I’ve seen, so provides it a glance and see what niches are out there.

Find a niche that resonates with you. Brainstorm ideas about how you could expand on it. Think of keyword. You already know there are buyers!

Yahoo Answers

5. This website has seen major growth in recent years. In fact in the low competition searches you will even see it ranking very highly in Google search ranking. I am talking about Yahoo answers. As time has gone on yahoo answers has really gained in popularity and does provide tons of niche ideas and ideas for content. You should really concentrate on what people are wanting answers for. It is really worth browsing around the different subjects and topics covered.

I would suggest starting at “Browse resolved questions” and filter through some of the categories. This is great not just for ideas for a website but ideas for a digital product such as a downloadable eBook or even simple video course. You already know people are searching for this information. If you could provide a better answer then i suggest you start brain storming and coming up with as many ideas as you can. And put this to work!

Click Bank Market Place.

6. If you’re a digital products marketer then you little question already realize ClickBank and therefore the Click Bank Marketplace.

Besides internet marketing related products, the Click Bank Marketplace may be a excellent spot to seek out niches supported Gravity.

Each product in the marketplace has a Gravity Score (Grav), which is a measurement of how many affiliates have had success promoting a product, so you can find some profitable niches by looking at the products with the highest Gravity.

Google Trends

7. Google’s very own Trends. Remember “the trend is your friend” That is a phrase taken from the stock market world but it resonates here too.

You’ll get a good idea of what topics are hot at any given moment by using Google Trends.

It’s also an honest idea to type in subjects like “weight loss” into Google Trends, because you’ll find related news articles.

You can get some great niche ideas from those news articles. Just beware that trends come and go, obviously, so you'll not want to base a whole business on trends.

I hope you have a buzzing mind full of ideas you can’t wait to expand on. Write down all these ideas. Start doing some keyword research with the Google keyword tool.

Niche Ideas Follow Up – Pruning Your Niche List.

I will be following up this post soon with an article about how to prune down your list of niches and how to start hard targeting one of them. Really trying to make you understand once you have found a niche idea for a website what to do next. 

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