Blogging : Why to start a Blog in 2019 ?

Why to start a Blog in 2019
Blogging : Why to start a Blog in 2019 ?

Blogging : Why to start a Blog in 2019 ? 

Hello friends, In this post " Blogging - Why to Start a Blog in 2019 ? ", I am sharing with you various reasons to start a blog in 2019.

Blog is generally an online diary to share ideas, information, imaginations, personal experience , area of interests to internet users internationally.
Actually I had different hobbies in past but from the date I started blogging, I don’t remember anything except blogging and also it leads to great satisfaction.
According to me, Every person in this world should own a blog to share their ideas, imaginations, thought and personal experience as your imaginations and ideas may be unique and can lead to a good engagements of people on your blog and also your blogging can generate a high revenue for you.
There are various reasons to start blogging, some of them are as follows :
Share your ideas, thoughts and opinions
Blog is easiest way to share your own ideas, information, imaginations, thoughts, personal experience related to any topic either it be science, politics, history, religion and entertainment.
Promote your products and services
Blog is a great way to advertise your products and services to a large mass of people internationally through internet.
Thus there is no need to invest extra for advertising on different media for promotion of your products and services.
Sell your products or services
You can sell anything either products or services online through your blog in international market and even you can give more information about what products or services you are offering.
Even you can accept online payments for your products and services by integrating online payment gateway to your blog.
Help People on different area of interest
Many blogs are written to help peoples in different topics either it be health related, job related, tech support etc.
This type of blog not only describe some topic but also let internet visitors interact with each other on the topic and share their views and opinions.
Inspire people all over the world
Blogging not only changes your life but it also inspire readers of your blog as well as changes the life of your blog readers all over the world.
As blogs are free for internet users all over the world, they will find some inspirations from your writing by reading your blogs and that gives a wonderful feeling to the blogger.
Let the world know you
When you start blogging and once your blog start getting readers your fan following start increasing and this lets the world know about you.
Readers wants to know about the author of the blog if they find your writing interesting and thus there is a chance to become world figure.
Improve in skills
Blogging lets you an improvement in your skills either it be your writing skills, thinking skills and even develop your imagination on a specified topic.
By blogging, you not only become a good writer but it also lets you think deeply and discover new ideas.
You will be capable to present your thinking and ideas to the world in a great way and thus leads to an improve in your presentation skills.
Rise in confidence
Blogging will help you an increase in confidence in your life as you will realize that you have something to offer all over the world and many internet users follow your ideas and imaginations.
Make money
There are many professional blogger who earn a good income from their blog. With patience and practice, you can make money through advertising, affiliate-marketing and other income generating activities on your blog.
However, it’s important to note that most bloggers don’t make a lot of money blogging (or even close to nothing), but the potential does exist to generate revenue from your blog with hard work and commitment.
Have fun blogging
Many people start blogging just for fun or passion. One of the golden key for blogging is having a passion about writing on a topic either it be politics related, science or technology related, entertainment related and implementing your ideas and imagination in your writing and presenting it in a better way on internet all over the world
Conclusion : just register a domain name and hosting today and start your blog investing some penny today as tomorrow never comes in one’s life

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