Common methods used to monetize your blog

monetize your blog

Monetize your blog generally refers to a technique used to earn money from your blog, Making money from your blog isn’t a myth.

In fact, you can turn a part-time hobby blog into an income-generating asset and is fairly common with a bit of your luck and some hard work.
Common methods used to monetize your blog are as follows :
Affiliate Marketing :
It is a marketing in which when you refer someone to buy any product or service and when the person buys any product or service based on your recommendation, you will receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing can also be termed as Pay Per Sale where you get paid only if a visitor on your blog either buy a product or service.

Just you need to select some product and services and advertise it on your blog, Every product and services is linked with a unique link known as affiliate link, whenever any visitor clicks on that link it will take them to the main website for that product and services and if the user buy any product, you will earn a commission.

There are many websites which offer a large range of products and services to choose from, most common among them are :
  • commission junction
  • ShareASale
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon affiliates
Advertising :
Advertisers are generally in search of a blog that has a high traffic reach and an attractive layout so that they can promote anything either it is product or services on your blog so that it will reach a large mass of people.

There are different ways to earn money by advertising on your blog, some of the common ways are as follows :
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: PPC is an advertising module in which advertisers pay a fee each time visitors on your blog or website click on their ads and visits the advertiser's website.
There are many websites which help you by placing PPC ads on your blog but the most common and recommended is Google Adsense as it is used by most of the blogger and rate for each click is higher than other

  • Pay Per Impression (PPI) Advertising: PPI is an advertising module in which advertisers pay a fee each time a visitor visits your blog, In this module, your earning is calculated on the number of views, not on the number of clicks
There are many websites which help you by placing PPI ads on your blog, some most common websites are as follows :
  1. UberCPM
  2. PropellerAds
  3. Amazon CPM

  • Text Link and In-Text Advertising: In this advertising, module adverts are placed inside your text content such as articles or blog posts
You can sign up to an In-text advertising provider that will place sponsored links within your text. These are double underlined to make them stand out from other links so that when a user moves the mouse over one of them a small advertising pop-up will appear. The user can then decide if they want to click on it, which will make you a small amount of money

  • Sell Your Blog Advertising Space: You can monetize your blog by selling space on your website for advertisers to display a banner
This can be a very lucrative method as it allows you to cut out the middleman and charge what you want for other people to advertise on your site

  • RSS Adverts: If you have an RSS feed (which you should!) then you can follow in the footsteps of millions of other website owners and start placing ads on it
Many RSS feed generators now offer this service, so that it is even easier to implement them. Some offer CPM or PPC advertising, however, you could opt to do it yourself and offer to sell sponsored messages or banners directly on your feed

You can find adverts for your RSS feed on BidVertiser that you can implement to monetize your feed, though Google FeedBurner lets you do this as well

  • Pop-Up Ads: No doubt that you have heard of these! Pop-ups are very common online, but they are also very annoying. Many people hate pop-ups and have pop-up blockers installed to stop them. However, if executed in the right way, they can work. Having a single pop-up on your website that only appears to new visitors may work. They grab the attention of the visitor on their first visit and after that, they won’t be bothered again by them
Sell Products And Services :
You can sell any products or services with the help of your blog, as the blog is an easy way to promote your own product and services and by integrating payment gateway to your blog, you can accept payment from your buyer online
Earn Money By Uploading Videos :
Create your own videos related to your content, posts or create some video tutorials and upload it on the video-hosting platform. Most common among them are Youtube and then monetize those videos with Google Adsense. Promote your video links on your blog and if a visitor visits your video and if they click on adverts integrated into your video, you get paid based on number of clicks

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