Creating A Trustworthy Reputation With Social Media Marketing


Creating A Trustworthy Reputation With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has almost as much power as search engines to drive costumers and traffic to websites and blogs. To new websites and blogs, social media marketing is the most important source of traffic because these sites and blogs are yet too new to rank high on Google because they do not have links to them from other important websites or blogs.

Making the most of social media networks is very important; you cannot even think you can do business online without mastering these new emerging networks which have already more traffic than search engines.

1. Pinterest: Already the 4th biggest social network and it is all about images. You pin images, add a link and wait for people to see your pin, to re-pin it and click the picture to follow the link pointed to your website, blog or product. To make the most of Pinterest you just need to add more and more images. Too bad that for now you can only add them one by one but the effort is rewarded with sales. Pinterest does not implement a mass upload feature to prevent spam and even with one by one upload features, they managed to be already the 4th biggest social network and on the way to become the 3rd biggest social network soon. Pinterest is so new but able to send as much traffic as Facebook with the right amount of images.

2. Facebook: It is the king of social networks, the king of traffic and the king of social media network. Many sites and blogs are created just thinking about Facebook users because Facebook users are very active, they click the links and they are very likely to buy since they can see who is posting the product or service, can see all the necessary information on the profile, can contact the poster by instant message, chat, email or mobile phone and these features make Facebook the perfect sales man of 2012. To make the most of Facebook you need to connect with people looking for your products by searching for groups related to your products and making friends with people there and then once you reach the maximum friend limit of 4000 people, start a Fan Page, invite all your friends to it and promote your fan page just like you promote your products, to get as many likes as possible to maximize message exposure every time you share a new link.

3. Google Plus: This relatively new social network has very active users because it is backed by Google, it is completely integrated with all Google products such as Gmail, web search, and Google Reader. Search for people who are interested in what you have to sell by using Google Plus search and add these people to circles, so you can manage everything from just one account and to market different products to different people. Google Plus was fully shut down by Google on 2nd April 2019. RIP GOOGLE+

All other social networks are big, have millions of users, but just do not have the marketing punch of Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest.

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