SEO and Blogging

According to one software group, the number of bloggers has doubled in the past 2 years. This means many are using this medium to voice out an opinion or promote a business and this trend will continue to grow in the coming months.

There are some people who think that SEO does not need bloggers or the other way around. The truth is, it compliments each other making it a win-win situation for everyone.

It is best to first explain what is SEO and what is a blogger.

An SEO helps people find information on a certain topic. If the person wants to know more about gothic art, for example, all the user will do is type in this keyword and a list of possible sites will come out.

The blogger is someone who posts comments on just about anything. The recent crisis in the Middle East is a very good example of blogging. This is because it gives the reader the opinions of both the Lebanese and the Israelis.

How do the two fit in? When a person posts a blog, the article is stored by the SEO together with other works written about it. The big difference is that people who read it can post comments. This provides interaction between the writer and the reader and continues to go back and forth because of the fresh content.

But blogging can only be used for other purposes. This can be used by entrepreneurs to sell products and services.

A good example will be a real estate agent who wants to rent or sell a property. By putting up a blog site and advertising this through SEO, the chances of getting more inquiries and having someone buy it increases. The person will just have to put pictures and a comment section so that interested buyers may be interested to actually see it.

The person will first have to put up a blog site before anything can happen. This means downloading a standard template or building one from scratch. This can be modified later on with ads and other things but the viewer will still focus on the blog content.

SEO and blogging work hand in hand in providing people with information that is needed. People who are interested in putting up a website and taking advantage of the various search engines should always have the time and energy to make sure it is always updated.

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