Blogger : An Ultimate Tool To Setup A Blog For Free


Blogger is a blog-publishing service developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.

Blogger offers both free and paid service. In free service, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of whereas, in paid service, the blogs are hosted by Google at a custom domain. A user can have up to 100 free blogs per account
It also offers you a limited control but it is somewhat better as you can earn some money by hosting ads on your free blog as it supports Google’s AdSense service as a way of generating revenue from running a blog
It allows its users to choose from various templates and then customize them. Users may also choose to create their own templates using CSS. The new design template, known as “Dynamic View”, was introduced on 31 August 2011 with Dynamic Views being introduced on 27 September 2011. It is built with AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3.
In April 2013, Blogger updated its HTML template editor that has some improvements to make it easy for the users to edit the blog’s source code. The editor was updated with syntax highlight, number line, and jump-to-widget button for ease of editing the code.
Blogger for Word is an add-in for Microsoft Word which allows users to save a Microsoft Word document directly to blog, as well as edit their posts both on- and offline.
Blogger has launched mobile applications for users with mobile devices. Users can post and edit blogs, and also share photos and links on Blogger through their mobile devices. Not only advanced mobile devices, such as smartphones, are being considered since users can also post blogs via traditional cell phones by SMS and MMS.
The major two mobile operating systems that Blogger focuses on are Android and iOS. Blogger allows users to edit blogs anywhere through the app and either publish the blogs or save them as drafts. Users can also share photos and links directly to it.
Source: Wikipedia
Advantage :
  • No setup required, just log in to start creating your blog
  • It is easy to design and manage
  • You need not worry about your blog backup and security
  • You can earn money by hosting Google Adsense Ads
Disadvantage :
  • You cannot self-host, so your blog is dependent completely on Blogger’s current offerings
  • Functionality is limited
  • Google can suspend your blog any time for policy violation
  • Blogger does not receive frequent updates or new features
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