Is Social Media Marketing Donning An All New Avatar?

Businesses, over the course of the last few years, have sensed the significance of being social.  With the popularity of social networking sites assuming mammoth proportions; small, medium, and large enterprises have had little option but to take the plunge.  Most of a company’s networking now happens via the internet.  

New trends have been emerging, though, with these social networking sites.  These trends promise to unravel a metamorphosis of sorts in one’s social media marketing efforts.  Following is a basic introduction to some of these new trends in social media marketing:

INTERLINKING: Those days are passé when content, search engine optimization, and social media marketing used to be unique concepts.  Today, they have all been brought together under the same umbrella. In other words, social signals can impact the ranking that one’s site receives on the search engines.  This has also considerably escalated the emphasis on high-quality social content.  The more you manage to ‘Wow’ your audience, the higher are your chances of being in the thick of things, through unprecedented exposure.  A lot of enterprises have even relied on expert SMO services to get them to stand out in the clutter.

NETWORKING ON THE GO: If certain trends have to be believed, social networking sites are now being accessed over the mobile more than wired internet.  This is just not a stat but a tale that has a moral for you.  If you endeavor to connect with your audiences via mobile-based social networking, you will have to ensure that you considerably enhance their user experience.  The mobile platform is completely different and you are required to appreciate this difference to be able to satiate the expanding population of people using social networking through this platform.

DISTRACTION OR ASSISTANCE: Not long ago, there were serious talks about the amount of distraction that social media could cause.  People were believed to lose work hours as they spent that time using the search engine.  However, things have changed and organizations are now encouraging their employees to use social media in order to augment their efficiency.  What these organizations have come to terms with now is the increasing ease with which HR professionals can shortlist employees, the sales teams can pursue leads and R&D teams can brainstorm together using such social platforms.  The need of the hour, hence, is to develop such social platforms which can be accessed across various layers of the enterprise.  Such platforms shall feed the divergent needs of the enterprises efficiently to improve their usability.

DATA MANAGEMENT: Social media was always considered to be a treasure of data.  Few organizations, though, had the foresight to make use of that data in their marketing efforts.  The ones which used it have accentuated their results and have reaped rich dividends.  As data through social media only happens to be on the rising trend, companies are still not late in being able to make the most of it.

VISUALIZE: The success of Pinterest has proven to the world that audiences have increasingly become restless.  They are looking for crisper content and long paragraphs of text can do nothing better than scaring them away.  When you present your thoughts in a more visually appealing manner, you elevate your chances of gaining more salience.

Therefore, if you are into social media optimization yourself or are availing of professional SMO services, you need to pay sincere heed to these emerging trends.

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