Guest Blogging Tips That Will Knock Off Your Socks

Guest postings or Guest blogging are done by many bloggers to benefit both themselves and their hosts. Doing so benefits the guest blogger since it allows him to promote his own blog via back-link building, and it also benefits the host as he can have fresh content without worrying about how to write, saving him the time and effort in doing so. But how does one come up with an effective guest post? Below are some tips that you could use to create an effective guest post that will benefit you and your host.

Know your host’s blog. Not all blogs are the same—that is, each blog has a certain central focus or theme or what it is about. Some blogs focus on food while others about literature or information technology or business and the list can go on. It is best that you get yourself familiar with your host’s blog focus so that you can come up with content that relates to their niche market, and if your blog’s focus is different, you can think of a topic that will link both blogs. It is unwise to simply submit content that does not represent your host’s blog focus; why would you expect an IT blog to publish a post about Asian cuisine?

Submit fresh materials. If you are a frequent guest post submitter to different blogs, do not submit the same content to different blogs. Keep in mind that guest posting is basically almost the same as creating content for your own website; thus, it should be a new topic, a perspective of a recurring topic, or anything that you have never submitted before. The fresher the material, the better.

Keep it brief. Do not submit a post that is very lengthy. Try to keep your submission as brief as possible no matter what type of website your host has. Try to discuss everything there is to discuss in the shortest way possible without sacrificing the content and the message.

Do not submit a post without the prior consent of the host. It is rude to send your host the content that you plan to publish on their website without them saying yes first. The very basic thing that you have to do is contact your host and ask them whether or not they are willing to host your guest post, and if they say yes, that’s the time you create or submit your content. It will also give your host the impression of your courtesy. It is also best if you offer your host options of topics you can submit as guest posts for their site; do not force a topic that may not be beneficial to your host. Give your host the voice he deserves for his website.

About the author- Manilyn Moreno is the SEO manager for a catering software company. She has presented herself as a reputable guest blogger on various websites online. She has written guest posts on catering, event planning, recipes, and weddings.

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