A day in the life of a Search Marketing Executive

The role of a Search Marketing Executive is a fairly new one, and unless you’re well versed in the area, it can be difficult to fully understand what they do. So before you decide to call on the expertise of a professional, it’s wise to get to grips with what the role entails and what you can expect them to be doing on your behalf. Here, we’ll look at a typical day in the life of a Search Marketing Executive.

Firstly, research is one of the tasks that will feature quite heavily in the diary. From scoping out new keywords to target right through to check out what the competitors are up to and how they’re forming their campaigns, a Search Marketing Executive will always need to have their finger firmly on the pulse.

Next up, there’s working as part of a wider team and forming positive relationships with freelance contractors. Outsourcing is a common way to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard, whether it be copywriting for a website or guest posting blog articles. At any given time, a Search Marketing Executive is likely to be commissioning new pieces of work, making sure that they've received on time, and checking them for quality.

Another key component of the role is liaising with clients. After all, the aim of the game is to get real tangible results for businesses, so a good Search Marketing Executive will keep their clients in the loop and inform them of any changes or developments that they need to know about. Of course, this means that they’ll need to be strong communicators and able to present often complex information in a way that’s easy to understand and free from jargon.

Finally, reporting is an aspect of the role that’s likely to be required on a day-to-day basis. Search campaigns need to be closely monitored so the maximum return on investment can be achieved, and a variety of stakeholders will need to be up to date with the results. The individual will typically liaise with their manager, other members of the marketing team, and as mentioned, the clients themselves.

Search Marketing Executives are likely to have many irons in the fire, and it’s fair to say that their roles are constantly evolving. As Google and other search engines update their algorithms and ways of working, a strong practitioner needs to stay abreast of what’s happening in the industry and adjust their practices accordingly. The team at Dream to Blog is a great example of a workforce that’s agile and up to date in their ways of working.

Are you considering working with a Search Marketing Executive to drive your business forward? Has this given you a better understanding of the role?

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