How much does an average blogger earn in india?

Hello Friends, today in this post I will discuss on the money an average blogger can earn in India.

As you all know there are various phases in blogging. I will distribute these phases in mainly three types, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced.

One by one, in this post we will explain you the earnings of the bloggers in each phases.

1. Beginner: If you just stated blogging as a beginner, then your earning can be from none to Rs 100 monthly. But mostly as a beginner, you can assume to be zero earning which is the reality. The only thing to start blogging is for your passion not as a full time career. If you want to make it as a career, then you must have patience. In reality there will be zero earning for first six months. Many bloggers left hope within 6 months and thus success rate in blogging as a career is 5% throughout India. Mainly beginner phase of blogging, your most focus area should be learning about blogging, niche, domain name and hosting, content writing, search engine optimization and lastly on earning money.

2. Intermediate: Once you cross beginner phase, now you will have enough knowledge of basics of blogging. So, your focus area changes to publishing articles consistently and earning money. An intermediate blogger in India earns from Rs 6000 to Rs 25000 monthly. But this earning is an approximate earning. It depends on various factors like organic searches, number of visitors, earning methods etc.

3. Advanced: This is the phase where you can earn between Rs 25000 to Rs 300000 monthly. Very few bloggers in India earn such income. If you reach to this stage, you can quit other things.  

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