The Most Common Mistakes You Can Make In Facebook Ads.

It’s not a news anymore, that your advertising in social media may be a great helper of your business: it can make your brand recognizable, and turn your business into profitable and successful. Social media is a perfect place to tell people about yourself, and find new clients. Let’s talk about your advertisements on Facebook.
The advantage of such advertisements is the fact Facebook has an ace in its sleeve, that makes this social media different from Google Ads: Facebook knows who you are, because you’ve told about  this by yourself. That is why Facebook adapts its advertisements for specific users much more accurately than Google can do this in its search ads for example.
So, it’s very important to make your ad campaign right and avoid main mistakes, which will be discussed below.
You forget what your target audience is
The most popular mistake comes from banners and contextual advertising. This is the creation of incorrect advertisements.
It means that when advertisers think of nothing but audience attraction, they forget the main thing: who their target audience is.
The point is that more clicks don’t mean better efficiency. When you create an ad that doesn’t give a person any idea of what he will see after clicking on it, you just waste your money. So, think of the quality of images and phrases you use for your Facebook ad, because if you use general and boring phrases, the majority of your audience will leave your website at once after clicking your ad.
You should always remember, that the main thing is not traffic, but your target audience!
Maybe it sounds strange, but your brand is your risk here as well. There are in about 1 billion users on Facebook, but it doesn’t mean they will find out everything about your page at once you’ve created it. You should give them this information in a right way.
First of all, tell “about yourself” in details. This is the first thing all users will pay attention to. There is no need to write an essay. of course, but try not to forget any important info here. Many brands make the same mistake here: they create a Facebook community instead of a separate page. Such a community is good for your interaction with clients, but its features are limited in comparison with a separate Facebook page, open for all Internet users. You will be able to create Facebook applications for your page, and increase the number of its features. But the main thing is you will always be able to check the effectiveness of your work with the help of Facebook statistics.
The second thing to pay attention to is your contact with your audience. Find interesting content, but don’t go too far, because all your messages will be considered a spam, which is not very good for your brand’s reputation, as far as you understand. Information should be short and clear: people are tired of reading long and boring posts. Just take a look at Twitter: 140 characters, but what a success!
You forget about your audience
This is one of the most important aspects in Facebook advertising. The interaction with your audience should never be ignored: answer their questions, comment on their messages, thank them for questions, and so on. It may help you make the reputation of your brand better, and build trust with your clients.
So, everything depends on you! Just pay attention to all details.

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