How to Make a Blog Appear on Search Engines?

How to Make a Blog Appear on Search Engines

For every bloogger, appearing on Serach Engine such as Google, Yahoo, and friends has the same pride as the footballer who received the Ballon D'Or Award Especially if it appears on the start page of a search engine, yummy! many advantages that can be obtained from there. From popularity to money from advertising services. However, it's easy to make our blog appear on search engines. It takes great effort to do it. Of course, getting good fish requires good bait. I say it's not easy, but it's not possible to open it.

There are many ways that a blogger can take to make a blog appear on serach engines. The important thing comes first, the first page entry affair can be worked on in various ways SEO Blog. For this time, I am sharing tips for Google, the largest search engine in the internet world. 

1. Check the Blog URL Address

Type the URL address of our blog in the Google serach engine Supposedly, if we type in the URL address of our blog in google search, our blog will appear on the first page. Because keywords in the form of URLs are very specific to search for.

If it doesn't appear, it means that our blog has not been indexed on Google, register our blog at . There is no effort that results are instant, it takes time for Google to index our blog. 

2. If the blog is already on search engines but not on page one?

If it turns out that when we check it shows the results but not yet on the first page, it means that our blog has been indexed by Google's serach engine but is still unable to compete with millions of other blogs. Do blog SEO tips to make our blog appear on serach engines.

The following are basic SEO blog tips that we can practice. 

3. Changing the Title / Title of the Blog 

When we first created a blog, we were asked to provide a blog title and description. The title / blog title is very important and very influential on search results on search engines. Be careful in choosing a blog title and providing a description of our blog. 

Choose a blog title that matches the theme of our blog, what is the content of our blog. Don't be too long or too short. Maximize the blog title by maximizing H1 . Then if it has already been made, how? Take it easy, it can still be replaced. You can listen to my tutorial on changing the blog title for SEO Blog tips .

4. Importance of Title / Post Title

Like the title / blog title, the post title / title also has a powerful effect in maximizing our blog to appear on search engines. Most of the blogs that appear on serach engines are due to the title of the post. Do not carelessly choose a blog title. Position yourself as a search engine user, imagine what we would type in search engines to read our articles.

5. Regularly updating blogs

Reading blogs can be likened to watching television. If we watch the same type of program for a long time, of course we will feel bored. As often as possible serve new articles on the blog. But remember, be a good blogger . Perform tips to attract visitors to our blog .

The updates we provide are of course original updates , do writing tips for SEO so that our writing is optimal. Remember, search engines will also get tired of indexing the same text all the time (copy-paste), and may think you are spam. If you want to share other people's articles on our blog, make changes to our own language style and don't forget to include the identity of the blogger whose writing we edit.

6. Promote the Blog

Promoting a blog is mandatory in the blogger world. Do promotion by building backlinks , registering on alexa, and setting up a blog feed on feedburner. These three form the basis of blogging promotion that makes search engine spiders find our blog.


Tips for making a blog appear on search engines above do not guarantee that our blog will appear on search engines immediately. Frequently leave a "trail" in the form of our blog address (URL) on other sites. This can be in the form of comments on other blogs, especially do follow blogs, exchange links, threads on Kaskus, profiles on Facebook, Prodil on Twitter and other social networking profiles. Do it on other sites that have been indexed by Google, especially those that are already popular. That way, we have posted our blog flyers in various places, and just wait for the search engines to find our blog. Of course, stay consistent!

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