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Blogging is a way to express your thoughts through the content in your post. 

What is Blogging?

In blogging, you write content on topics that you wanted to share with people.

Create a blog.

Write Pages for your blog. eg. Policy, About Us, Contact Us etc.

Create your post and then publish it to the Engine.

Why Blogging?

Blogging is one of the very easy and suitable means of earning money by just using your fingers and mind in a related way. Blogging is just like you are posting something on your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network.

Why Blogger?

To be honest, Blogger is one of the most trusted and verified Blog developing tools available on google. Blogger is provided by Google itself that why most people choose Blogger as their blogging tool.

The secondary reason is that Google also provides AdSense to bloggers to earn, which is also Google's tool.

How To Start Blogging?

For starting blogging you have to make sure that you have a Gmail account. Follow the instructions which I have given below-

1. Open Chrome. Sign up to 

2. Click on Create Blog under the logo on your left side.

3. Now a window will appear for filling Name for your entire blog (not just for a post), write your Title there.

4. After choosing a suitable Name for your blog, you have to choose a unique blog address, as I have above

5. Then click on pages on your left side and then on a new page.

6. First of all write the title of your particular page, then start writing your blog using the options given above(underlined by red). You can see your page or post by clicking on the preview on your left side.

7. After completing the writing on your page, just safely click on publish on your right. Another window will open simply click confirm there too.

Create pages according to the need of your blog.

8. After creating your all the pages now come to post. Click on posts on your left and then on new post.

9. Just like, you have written your pages you will create your post using all those options and buttons.

Create posts as many as you want, to fulfill your topics. 

10. While creating your post you will see some options on your right. Those are post settings -

 Labels-Type something related to your post so Google will present your post before others. This is how people will find your post on any engine using these labels. Even you can type your post's title there.

Published on- Date of publishing your post on your blog. You can set it to Automatic.

Links- Here you can edit your post's link. Even, you can write or set it to automatic.

Location- Set your location here, like I am from India I shall write India 

Search description- Here you write your search description related to your post.

Options- This option is to allow commenting on your post.

Custom robot tags- Let them default.

~Madan Mohan

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