Best low competition niche for youtube channel 2021

Best Niche For YouTube Channel

How to Pick the Best Niche

Many people already know what their position will be when deciding to start a YouTube channel because they want to focus on what they usually do. For example, if you're an artist, you know you want your channel to be about art. If you have Photoshop skills, you know you want to teach people how to use Photoshop.

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There is no use in supply without demand. You need to know the demand of your youtube business idea. This is important if you want to make money from it and make it the most popular YouTube channel. Your hobby may be your niche, but you need to know the market value and your unique way of presenting it to an audience. There are online portals to check the below rank. You can check them out and make your selection.

Your Interest

Of course, your interest depends a lot on choosing the right place. You have to choose a topic that you want to convert your youtube business idea into the most popular youtube channel. Also, once taken, you have to carry on with it for a very long period of time. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you choose your location, and when time passes, you get bored with it. It shouldn't be. You need to work on the categories that you like and choose the one that suits you.


Knowing your competition is important. This happens in every business. You always need to keep an eye on your competitors. Even in terms of choosing your niche, you need to know who your competition is. If the subject is oversaturated, it will be challenging to rank yourself. The niches with high demand and low competition work best to create the best YouTube channels.


{|1|} Unboxing Channel

The unboxing niche is the most preferred one amongst other Youtube channel ideas for beginners. The audience loves to watch such videos as that feels amazing like a surprise and they keep on sharing the details while unpackaging and sharing the insight of what’s in store. Yes, there are literally a dozen channels that are doing the same thing and each of them according to their USP gets views based on their skills. Remember, stick with the niche. No, you don’t need to purchase any expensive gadgets or smartphones, You can simply do the unboxing video on your usual smartphone and start with unboxing toys, food packs, shoes, etc. This is considered one of the best niches for Youtube 2021.

{|2|} Health And Fitness Channel

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look for health and fitness tips? Come on, you either Google what you search or you find them on Youtube videos! If you are looking for fitness tips, videos usually come in handy with pre-recorded instructions.He always remains a superhit and connects the audience to stand tall. Go on, the world is yours, and explore and create a youtube channel ideas 2021 feed today! If you are too shy, you can get it outsourced to digital marketing agencies.

{|3|} Gaming Channel

Gaming channels are one of the best YouTube channels nowadays. Whether it's about helping an individual gamer overcome a complex level in a game- this can be your go-to place for your YouTube business idea. If you are passionate about gaming and excel in games, then you can consider opening a gaming channel.

{|4|} Life Hacks Channel

It is one of the most popular YouTube channels. These videos are so interesting that you can keep watching them for hours.The best part is that these videos are not very long and anyone can click on "Best Hacks 101" to watch it over and over again. how? These videos are divided into 5-10 videos of 4-6 minutes each along with the demonstration as let's get straight to the point.

{|5|} Cooking And Food Channel

If you have enough knowledge about food and offer various interesting food recipes then this can be a very profitable place for you. It's all very entertaining. Even the food reaction videos have good viewership.

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