So that Google Indexed Blog New Articles Fast

"Why does the article or post on my blog take a long time to be indexed by Google? Even though the blog is old and the content is not copied and paste or duplicate?". 

Some blogger friends have experienced the same thing with you and so have I. Indeed, no one can confirm when search engines index our blog with its crawlers or bots. All bloggers can do is make efforts so that the crawlers give priority to our blog to be indexed.
If our blog is mainly articles or new posts indexed quickly, of course, it will bring various benefits. For example, our blog updates the hot news that is 'booming' on Monday. It turns out that our new blog is indexed on Wednesday, even Sunday, of course, the potential visitors that we get will not be as big if our new articles are indexed immediately. Because the 'translation' of our blog by crawlers makes the chances of these posts being found by visitors are greater. Not to mention if our articles are 'stolen' by other bloggers whose blogs are indexed faster to post. Hmmm ...

Here's how to make new blog articles quickly indexed by the Google search engine, et al.

1. Perform Onpage SEO Optimization.

However, SEO optimization plays a fundamental role so that our new articles are quickly indexed by Google. Make sure the articles we make are quality and not plagiarized. Remember, search engines love fresh and unique content. Perform other on-page optimizations so that the effect will be felt. I remind you that the problem of indexing-indexing is a long-term project, so I highly recommend doing this on-page SEO optimization.

2. Perform Offpage SEO Optimization

However, Google still takes into account the popularity of a site for indexing. If you are done with on-page optimization, do off-page SEO optimization by increasing the number of backlinksLeave the new article URL as a link with anchor text containing the article content keywords. Pay attention yes, 'leave a mark' on the sites that are more popular than your blog. Promote your new blog articles on various social media and social bookmarking if it is not enough to bring more traffic.

3. Internal Link Blog helps to quickly index new articles

Internal linking really helps make it easier for crawlers to index, especially for new articles. Update the pages of your old articles by including a new article link with a good anchor text, make sure the two articles are really related in terms of content. Remember, blog linking is not just about finding external backlinks, it is very important to build links between articles. Apart from making indexing easier, this also creates an even distribution of the page rank of your blog.
Danger! Post an article link to the article itself. Read more on the blogger error article in building internal links.

4. Submit a blog sitemap and submit a new article URL

This step is called 'picking the ball' by bloggers. Don't wait for the crawlers to come, but take active steps by calling the search engine bots. Submit a sitemap on your webmaster page, and submit the URL of your new blog article in Google Submit URLAlso ping the blog to make new articles indexed quickly. I do not recommend you use free submission services, et al. Make it look natural, excess is always bad, my past experiences prove.

5. Update Quality Content regularly

Search engines love fresh, unique content. If when it comes to indexing, the crawlers keep finding your blog in the same state from the previous arrival, then the crawlers arrival frequency can go down and prioritize the blog with regular updates. For this reason, establish good relationships with crawlers so that articles are indexed quickly.

I think the five steps above are very helpful for your new blog articles indexed quickly by search engines, especially Google. Hopefully, it helps increase your blog traffic through this search engine index, because indeed most blog visitors come from search engines.

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