Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa is a website that provides information about the traffic of a website. Based on the traffic information, Alexa ranks these websites.

For bloggers who like to earn dollars from the Paid to Review (PTR) program and sell links , Alexa Rank is very important because several websites that provide PTR programs and link ads provide alexa ranking limits for web / blog publishers who want to join their program.

Just go ahead.

Here are tips that we can apply to increase our website Alexa ranking :

1. diligently updating our blog / website, the goal is that our website is always fresh with new content so that visitors do not get bored visiting our blog.

2. Do Blogwalking and leave comments in accordance with the articles in the comments.

3. Join forums or mailing lists that match the theme or content of our blog. don't forget to leave the website link in the signature.

4. Creating articles that many people are looking for. This aims to increase visitor visits to our website which in turn will increase our Alexa ranking .

5. Download and install the Alexa Toolbar

6. Install A Lexa Rank Widget . We can download the alexa rank widget code on alexa. Once downloaded, we can immediately install it on our respective websites. Oh yes, even though our alexa web ranking is still large, like one of my websites, which is around 5 million, we don't need to be embarrassed to install the alexa widget.

7. Make articles about Alexa, articles that can be made in the form of tips about alexa and other articles related to alexa rank .

8. Using redirect links that lead to our web. Example: . Replace with our website url.

9. Creating blog themes / CMS (Content Management System) to get backlinks .

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