Tips Adsense for Content

There are some tips that I will share with you in my writing this time, namely about adsense for content. we know that google products on google adsense that are most widely used by publishers to gain dollars from the internet are adsense for content. Adsense for content is divided into 2 products, namely ad units and link units . for more details about these two products I will explain in the post adsense for content has several advantages over other google adsense products . among others: easy to disguise either color, text, background, etc.

That is also why this one product is widely used by publishers. I don't think you need to go too far, just get on with it. Here are some tips to increase Google Adsense revenue for adsense for content: Tips Adsense for Content

1. Choose the right ad format

Since a typical blog layout uses a narrow section for posts, the medium rectangle ad format is perfect and will perform well if you place it at the end of each post. The medium rectangle also supports image ads, increasing competition and earning potential for ad space. other than that if you make a short post, the medium rectangle is perfect for you to place in your post, because the shape and format will attract people to click on it.

2. Place the ad in a place that is easily visible to readers

visitors of course come to your blog to get the information they are looking for. advertisements here function as a "pause", when visitors finish reading your writing. then the ad you place at the end of the post will make visitors click on the ad. if the visitor does not find the information that is you are looking for, then relevant ads for your writing can serve to encourage visitors to click on it.

if your blog doesn't have a lot of content, you can place ads near your content. stay away from using excessive advertisements that will annoy visitors. this will actually make visitors stay away. Remember visitors come to find information, not advertisements.

You can place the ad above the comments after your posting. Place a 468 × 60 banner or a horizontal link unit just above the comment box.

3. Improve ad targeting

How can you ensure that your ad is relevant to a particular post? With targeting, you can target ad units to specific sections of the page, as well as block irrelevant sections such as navigation links .

4. Adjust the color of your ad

so that the ads that you post are more integrated with the content, try to mix the ad unit with the background of your blog. Choose a striking color for the ad headline to help draw the attention of visitors to your ad while ensuring that users are not confused by the ad content.

Most importantly, use custom channels to see what ad formats work best for your site.

If you have other tips that you need to share or just complement my writing, please write in the comments.

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