SEO Tips

There are a few tips you can do to your blog or website which you can get a good ranking in search engines, here is the tips :

1. Original Contents

Keep the contents of the text you are posting to is your own work, so not the result of copy and paste from other website. although the text you copy paste it is very interesting but how much better if you create an original writing your own artificial. but will get a good ranking on search engines also you will get no legal problems later if the work that you copy and paste it reserved.

2. Install Meta Tags

It is no less important to increase your blog traffic is the use of meta tags.

Meta Tag is a collection of information is included in the area of “head” in a web page and is very important because it will be displayed in the search engine. but this meta tag will not be seen by us when we look at the page of the website.

3. Place the keywords in accordance with the blog and most sought-after people

in writing meta keywords, keywords that will match on your blog must match with your blog. Example : your blog-themed is education so the keywords is “learning, training, tutorials and so on.

4. Use a good template (seo friendly)

a good template here is a good template in the eyes of search engine. when search engine crawlers to visit our blog then that would at first crawl is a header, post, side bars and the last is the footer. well, because that’s when you select a template, choose a template that does not have a side bar on the left. because it can make your blog is crawled unable to compete when the search engine.

5. Backlinks multiply that lead to your blog

more and more external links pointing to your blog, it will be better in the eyes of search engines. if the links from a blog or web that has a high PageRank ,it can increase the PageRank of your blog. can also create a web you win in the competitive position of the search engine results.

6. Use bold, italic and underline

In search engine optimization, highlights, make italics and underlined the words in the posting is a good optimization for search engine. use these methods to the words that are important words (keywords) of your post.

7. Use Alt on the image code

Tag ‘Alt’ is an abbreviation of “alternative”. The purpose of this is to use tags to search engines more to recognize the image on your site. because in fact search engine can not recognize the image. To my way of its use will be discussed in the next posting.

8. Do not often change the template

For those of you who like changing the template, after you read this I suggest you should stop the habit because you are not a good result in the eyes of search engines.

9. Use post titles representing the contents of the posting

Make the title of the posting that interesting as possible. because before seeing the contents of the posting, search engines will first see the title of your blog posts. Importance of post titles are often the forgotten by many bloggers. Though the title of the posting is a representative of the entire contents of the posting.

10. Don’t use Broken link

Broken links are links that are made but when the link is on the access, The access link is taken to a page that can not be found, in other words the link is missing (damaged). To outsmart you can just change it or just make a text.

11. Update your blog

Frequently update your blog, because search engines love the blogs frequently updated, so is fresh. blogs are frequently updated will also more often visited search engines so that your blog will be more often visited by people. that your blog will also have many posts which will then represent the keywords which you use in optimization.

Good luck. :)

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