The Benefits Of Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

Social media is now the second most vital source of traffic right after Google. Facebook just beat Google at its own game and became the most visited website of the internet internet right at the top of Alexa rank.

This fact means that businesses should now be using another source of traffic that is not just Google, or they are losing costumers, money and new business opportunities.

There are many social networks and each one require different techniques to make the most of them.

1. Facebook.

This is the leading social media network and every one businesses should be using Facebook to spice up their traffic and sales because half all Facebook users, and it should be really near one billion by now, log in a minimum of once per day and see their friends updates. Just add as many friends as possible and obtain people to love your Fan Page and just post new interesting content. Facebook is in a position to deliver more traffic than Google when your website cannot rank at the highest yet.

2. Google Plus.

This is the latest social network and despite being quite small, compared with Facebook, its users are very active and look forward to read all your updates. This social network has one particular feature. That feature is that you cannot create profiles for brands or companies. Google only accepts real profiles. You can however create a page for your company or product and sell . With your own personal profile you'll add as many of us as you would like , add them to particular individual circles, then just post individual posts to every circle and only people in these circles will ever see that post. This is perfect to market multiple products or companies just with the people you would like , allowing you to manage a whole marketing campaign from one account.

3. Twitter.

There is not much to mention about using Twitter to market a product or a business. You need to get as many followers as possible and you need to post relevant information with some links to products and companies along the way. The secret is in getting as many followers as possible. They will not come naturally with good posted content. You need to make them come and for that you should always add your Twitter link to any website or blog you have to make your readers or costumers connect with your updates. You can also try to buy followers but use such services at your discretion.

4. Stumble Upon.

This social network may be a excellent spot to form friends and to try to to business. Any new page added to this network will immediately get thousands of visits in a few minutes especially when you have a lot of voting power by stumbling a lot of websites and blogs. Make sure that your pages are cached and that your server can handle thousands of visits in a few minutes, usually less than 5 minutes, sometimes even less. More than a visit per second is possible. To make the most of Stumble Upon you need to join related groups, make friends with people in there and just stumble a lot of pages related to your topic to make sure you get the foremost voting power.

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