How Your Business Will Benefit From Cloud Web Hosting

All businesses should have a website these days and there are many choices to make when selecting a way to make a website having a server to power your company’s applications.

There are many differences to cloud web hosting versus in house web hosting. The first difference and therefore the most vital is that the price. Cloud web hosting services start from 4$ a month with unlimited space and bandwidth where as an in house solution starts at 1000$ for the cheapest hardware, plus Windows installation or Linux installation plus a quick monthly billed internet connection. The second difference is the maintenance. The cloud web hosting solution requires no maintenance because everything is done by their management team whereas the in house solution requires daily updates, daily driver installation, daily software upgrades, regular hardware upgrades which make the price goes even higher, and finally it also requires a lot of knowledge or to hire a specialized technician to perform such upgrades. Also the in-house server would have to be working 24/7/365 increasing the monthly electricity bill. As you can see by now, there are no advantages of having your own desktop hosting server.

Web hosting is very affordable these days and they come with unlimited space and bandwidth for for a few dollars per month you can have a website of any size and with as many visitors as you'll get for nearly nothing.

Here are some great advantages of cloud web hosting:

1. Lost cost. Some cloud hosting companies offer the possibility to power a business with hosting, servers, email, shopping cart and WordPress for just 2.95$ and if you catch a promotion you may pay just a fraction of that for a whole year if you subscribe for 2 years. Nothing can match this price, no in house solution, even using already existing computers and open source software such as Linux, cannot match that price when time for maintenance is considered.

2. Emails with your own domain like inspire a lot more trust and confidence from your website and it is several times better than using a free email address like Hotmail. You will also have access to as many email accounts as you need so each product, service or department will have its own email address and always ending Now most emails have unlimited space but this changes from service to service so check the features carefully if you need unlimited storage to send videos, etc.

3. Integrated shopping cart is another feature you can have with cloud web hosting. If you have your own products or services to sell, there is no need to have a middle man. Now most cloud web hosting companies offer shopping carts with SSL encryption to stay your customers credit cards safe. Almost nobody buys from an internet site with no SSL encryption so check if this feature is on the list.

As you'll see getting cloud web hosting has only advantages and may boost any business to success.

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