Wordpress vs Weblogger

Today’s comparison will be made between two content management systems, Weblogger and Wordpress. Weblogger licenses Frontier and Manila which are content management systems from Userland. The main application we will be talking about when referring to Weblogger is called Manila.

Manila is a centralized content management system which allows many users and editors to contribute content to the website, each can be given different permissions in order to edit the site, for instance you might want to have someone contributing stories, articles and pictures to your site/blog but not editing any HTML or pages within your site, you would rather assign a designer or HTML coder to such tasks, Manila enables users to do just that which is why this CMS is considered business focused and oriented.

Weblogger sites can be made public or kept on a private network such as an intranet and they are offered a hosting solution for $9.95 USD a month or 79.95 a year, the disk space and bandwidth allowed for this price is quite low. Unlike Wordpress, Weblogger is offered as a service so you have no downloadable script which can be downloaded from the site.

On the other hand Wordpress has pretty much all of the characteristics mentioned by weblogger, adding and managing blogs can be done with Wordpress MU which has a set of tools for user and content management, other blogging scripts such as b2Evolution also have multiple blog managing capabilities, so you have many options on that department.

A savvy administrator can set permission and roles on free/open-source blogging platforms such as Wordpress. Furthermore, Wordpress allows users to download the script directly from their site and users have the option of installing it within the free hosting service offered by Wordpress or installing it in their own virtual or dedicated server without storage or bandwidth restrictions, Wordpress blogs can also be made public or kept private which is one of the options shown during the installation phase.

Keeping a site private for PVN or intranet can be done using a simple .htaccess entry at the root folder and contributors can be assigned their own password which lets them login to the blog and contribute content to the site, regardless of their geographical location.

As far as plugins and community interaction, Wordpress beats Weblogger service by far because Wordpress has a straight forward approach as far as the requirements needed to run the application and there are no extra costs associated with the blogging tool, it doesn’t matter if the user decides to go with the standard version or MU.

When it comes to templates and visual customization, the Wordpress community has perhaps the biggest library of themes and visual customizations for this platform, Weblogger and Wordpress both keep content and themes separate from each other so this is nothing to brag about, in fact every single CMS keeps themes and style sheets separate from content which allows user to ad and schedule content publishing before the site goes live, this way before the sites goes live all the content is in place and the only thing that needs to be customized is the theme which is quite easy to do. Both Wordpress and Weblogger’s Manila allow template customization for different areas of the site.

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