Why is Everyone Blogging and Should I Start?

Why is Everyone Blogging and Should I Start?
Blogging is popular in a number of areas, including: general interest groups, in business, in internet marketing, and beyond. Why?  Beyond the fact that some people love getting on an online soapbox and that the internet has made it possible for everyone to share their voice, there are some other big blogging benefits, too, including:
  • Marketing potential for businesses
  • Networking potential for special interests
  • Moneymaking opportunities
  • And more…

Marketing Potential for Businesses

Search engines love blogs. Because of their structure, blogging offers a great opportunity for businesses.  The more often a business website is updated, the more chances it has of driving in new traffic via organic search engine results.  Blogging offers businesses a great way to get a constant flow of traffic without constant site design upgrades.  It also offers businesses the ability to talk to their customers and prospective customers. It’s an excellent platform that can feed social media accounts and RSS feeds, too, with information that develops and nurtures relationships.

Networking Opportunities

Blogs are social places with comment sections and an informal atmosphere.  They stimulate conversation and can be a great place to network, gather and share information, and spark ideas.

Money Making

Not everyone who blogs will get rich off it but there are definite money making opportunities.  If you start a hobby blog because you have something to say and enjoy the idea of having your words published online to be shared with friends, family, and perfect strangers don’t hesitate to look at monetisation strategies because there are many out there. Some people blog for the sake of the money and others blog for the love of it and find the money they earn to be a nice perk.

The List Goes On…

While many are already blogging there is room for you. Don’t worry about being late to the game. Jump in, start learning, and have fun!
There are free blog platforms and there are easy ways to get your own blog up and running on your own site.  The latter definitely gives you more control. You can find a wealth of information to help you learn how to blog successfully — regardless of whether you are doing it to help develop a business, develop your writing voice, or develop an income.

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