Using YouTube to Build Your Blog Audience


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites online and as a blogger you can use this to your advantage in many ways.
  • Display other people’s videos on your blog
  • Create your own videos to use on your blog as well as to put on YouTube
  • Get an advertiser account and make money with YouTube contextual ads
  • Network with others through comments on YouTube
You can open an account with YouTube for free and if you like, you can apply to their advertiser program which could make you money, contextually, through the ads on YouTube videos. This account can let you publish videos as well as subscribe to videos and create a channel where you can gather subscribers.
In building your blog’s audience, adding videos to your blog could provide visual appeal to your readers. Videos that may be interesting to them could augment your content. If you feel like trying your hand at videos you can upload videos to YouTube and display them on the site as well as on your blog. In addition, you could make those videos available to other publishers who may also opt to display your videos on their blog or website. This all can be used to boost your own readership.
  • Interesting videos could be seen by others on YouTube and other sites that publish them and you could direct them back to your blog.a
  • You could develop a subscriber base through YouTube where people subscribe to be notified via email of new videos posted by you.
  • You can give directional videos on how to use products you sell on your blog.
  • You can do product review videos if you do a ‘product review’ blog and direct people back to your website for further info and / or to buy products that you review.
  • Share videos on social media accounts to further build your audience on social media accounts and /or to drive traffic back to your website.
Marketing with YouTube is one of many social media strategies you can use to make money, build an audience, and gain knowledge as a blogger. Take advantage of checking out YouTube videos, too, which can teach you about video blogging, about blogging in general, and which can be a great place to gather ideas for new blog posts for your site.

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