Top 10 Tips For First Day Of Your Blog

The journey of achieving a goal starts once you take the primary step.

That is a well-liked quote and fit the new blogger. The first step for any job is extremely important always, but what's the straightforward thanks to start.

Buying the domain and hosting and them installing WordPress is very easy and do not take much money. But what are next steps? What are ending results of blogging in your mind? There are the ten aspects you should think about on the first day when you setup WordPress on your domain.

Let’s Think You’ve Completed the Research

Prior to purchasing a domain, there a lot of things you should consider. But in this article, it is considered that you have bought it already:

Select a particular set of people with problems that you can solve.

Always think about peoples who will give traffic to your blog, not topics. Select such a field where in you are fully qualified and competent.

Search the most topic of your blog to seek out related blogs in your field.

You can consider the first 10 blogs form Google search result. Subscribe with them to urge their updates and you only got to follow their strategy to enhance your blog.

Read free tutorials.

Don’t hesitate to learn more and more because you are not perfect always.

Technical Tasks for Your Blog

There are five things to consider prior to writing a single post.

1. Burn Your Blog with FeedBurner

You will notice that most big blogs are burn with Google’s Feed Burner. It is very simple to setup in WordPress. It has become the standard of blogging industry.

2. Place Opt-In Forms

You would have read most of times. You can’t start making your subscription list until you set up opt-in forms.

You can also use FeedBurner. It just needs to insert some scripting code.

3. Make Your “About Us” Page

The “About Us” page is the most viewed page of any site, because most reader are interested to read about author. This page must include what this blog try to provide the visitors, in which fields you are expert and describe your story.

Take this page like a sales letter to show why your visitors follow you and your sites. If you've got great things then they're going to come to your blog daily possibly.

4. Build a Contact Page

After making “About Us” page, you would like to form your key page or Content page where every post are going to be shown by WordPress. It must have following things:

Contact information.
Get together your all online contacts, social medias.
Contact form.
Some time, reader would like to contact with blog owner. So a contact form can serve you best.

Planning Content for Your Blog

After getting together most important things in your blog, now the it is time for making contents.

5. Select Your Categories

For every post, you must select a category, so keep your categories organized; it is helpful for readers and search engines.

You should make a category page showing the full archive arranged according to categories. You can do it very easily in WordPress.

6. Make Your Main Articles

The main articles, means the master pieces of your blogs. These posts always get the most of your blog’s traffic and other post also get traffic from them. You can also make a list to highlight them that will remain on the content page.

7. Make a List of Posts

When you’ve selected your categories and master piece articles, start thinking about list of posts that fill your blog truly and get fit within the categories. You can take special time to make research for the list.

To help in and make this list, have some keyword research to seek out out which topics are most searched among people.

8. Create an Editing Timeline

It involve to make the timeline of writing and publishing your blog posts. This planning will assist you to take care of quite one blog at a time.

This step is not much important, but it will maintain your stemma for creating blog posts.

9. Write a Lot of Posts

For the first time, you should make the collection of some posts to publish at once.

10. Make Your Funnel Scheme

It involves to plan how you want to engage your reader in your blog, for example, the reader should be subscribed after reading posts.

The Final Word

I think you may be on the first step of you blog. These steps are beneficial for both first day blogger and any old blogger. You will fell really great.

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