Social Media Marketing – How Business and Technology Sector is Affected?

Social media has a gained huge repute in all fields of work. Businesses nowadays cannot think of flourishing without the aid of social media. Social media marketing is the way of boosting the website traffic and driving the attention of the prospective audience through the social networking sites. With emergence of this marketing technology, businesses of all types and sizes now have equal opportunity to compete for their brand awareness. With time, social media marketing tools and strategies are developing at a rapid pace.
Marketing through social media means creating a content conveying your corporate message that not only attracts the attention of the readers but also encourages them to share in their social network circle. This is a “word-of-mouth” marketing. This marketing leads to earned media instead of paid media.
 Social Networking Sites are Used in Every Field of Work

Social media is critically acclaimed in the technology companies these days. So, if you are willing to move ahead with your business and wish to establish yourself as one of the social businesses, social media marketing is of utter importance to you.

Social Media and the Technology Sector

The chief marketing officer of Cisco, the networking giant in Russia, Africa, Europe and Middle East – Jeremy Bevan says, “It’s as important for us to be in social media as it is for us to be doing search marketing. We calculated that our social presence in EMEAR is equal to putting on 10 major events every day.”
According to other experts, social media also serves as a technology platform and is highly important for the businesses in technology sector. In certain cases, this synergy of social media and technology can reach to the products, meaning, the technology sector can incorporate social media in their products.
Adam Stewart, the marketing director of Rakuten’s, has numerically evaluated the value of social media. He states, “Social has become a core part of our business and is now our most efficient marketing channel. We generated over £2m of direct sales from social platforms in 2012 and over the past year we have seen a 122% increase in orders from social networks. With social, we’re also able to accurately track the value of socially engaged fans. Our research has shown that average revenue increases by 24% once an existing customer becomes a fan.”
Technology uses the Social Platform in their Activities 
Nokia, a big name in the technology world, has discovered a new visualization tool of social media called “Agora” to engage all its non-marketing employees into business.
About this new tool, it is stated, “It’s a big, six-screen display that is in three or four different locations throughout our global offices. These sit in high-traffic areas, they don’t sit in someone’s office. You’re getting a cup of coffee and the first thing you see is that my product is being really well received, or whatever it might be. It makes the organisation aware that they are being talked about all the time and helps us to put our customers first. We try to socialise the organisation.”
These social tools are very helpful to a business and enable them to change or validate their business strategies.

Social Media Application in Businesses

Social networking sites are the challenging platforms to evaluate return on investment or ROI for several brands. When majority of the US consumers rely upon the internet as their chief purchasing tool, no brand can afford ignoring it. Expert analysts have come up with some easy “social depth” formulas for enhancing the business.
Easy Tips to Boost Your Business
Businesses Can Flourish when It is Socially Propagated
1. 1.       Convey Authentically
You should not fake online since your user and prospective consumers can smell it even from a distance. An attractive branding will call for your products rather than the shady contents that do not reflect the brand culture. Your communicating content should attract to drive the attention of the crowd.
  1. 2.       Engage
Try to engage as much as audience as you can for your brand promotion. What should you do to enhance the engagement? Chatter, tweet in the social networking site, post videos, blog posts and user-generated content. Harnessing the strength of your brand, fixing the issues of your customers and addressing the customers from time to time empower participation. Set the fire rather than ignoring it.
  1. 3.       High Quality Content
Hitting the “publish” button when the content is not of the standard quality is nothing but social suicide. You can take advantage of social media, Tumblr and WordPress, for crafting a strong message for your brand.
Social Networking Platform Helps to Convey a Message at One Go
Have you noticed the different social networking sites? The way it is written in Facebook and the way it is tweeted in Twitter – are they both same? Well, they cannot be. Every network has a specific language and approach. Hence, be careful while using the specific social media tool. Try to get associated with your followers and make them a part of your brand’s family.
  1. 4.       Incorporate Real-Time Apps
Expertise opinion says that you should integrate social in every aspect of your activity. Research has proved that 88 percent of the businesses which used Twitter comments, ratings, feeds and reviews have augmented their user management. Does it sound pretty simple? Well, though it might appear painfully simple to you but adding social tools is not that easy. This empowers the consumers to share content and interact with your company. Moreover, providing constant updates improves visibility on search engine as compared to the static pages.
Social Networking Apps are within the Fingertips of Everyone

  1. 5.       Experiment
No risk, no gain, especially when it is about social networking. You might fail at some attempt but then you will be able to see what actually works for you. You can test novel monetizing tools, style and tone for serving Facebook stories, tweets and content. However, be careful in choosing the topic since very hot topic might even at time fail to hook the users.
To conclude, it is said that social media and the social networking sites have now become a business and a technological platform. It is comparatively an inexpensive platform for any organization to build up its brand reputation and conduct marketing campaigns. Increased communication fosters greater brand awareness.

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