Science of Appearances

My mother often warned me about taking things at face value. So I always proceed with caution when encountering things for the first time. And that’s what I did with the theme called science of appearances.

At first glance, the artwork on the header looks great. The design is stylish and there’s the artsy image of a long-legged woman. She almost got me distracted the minute I looked at her, but I had a review to do. So here’s what I think about the theme.


What I like about the theme is that in each post on the front page, you get as much information on the particular post as you can. The time and date of the post is clearly indicated as well as other data like, the author, the category, the number of comments and the permalink. But I’ll stop there because this theme can improve on a lot of things and I want to discuss them already.


Remember the long-legged lady on the header? The problem with her is that her legs are too long. Yes, they are too long that the content is pushed down the page and you have to scroll down just to read the text.

And there are the obstructive ads. While I’m not against putting ads on a blog, the ones placed on this theme spell overkill. They are too big and they get in the way. Take for example the one on the right side of the header. It eats up a lot of space which could have instead been used for the content.

In sum, this theme has still a lot of room for improvement in terms of layout. It could use some liposuction and a face lift on several areas especially the header. Remember, people visit blogs for the content, not the ads.

Want to see a live demo? Check it out or download the theme here.

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