There’s a certain kind of darkness we can associate with obsession. For me, it conjures images of a man stalking a woman in a dark alley. There’s something voyeuristic about obsession. There’s the desire to see what’s on the other side.

This kind of image is captured by the theme aptly called Obsession made by the team at NET-TEC. The header itself speaks the message through the image of an angel clothed in lingerie and stripped of her wings, leaving only bloody marks where the wings used to be.

The color of the entire page is also dark which gives a brooding feeling to those who see it. But enough with the dark talk. Let’s review the theme.


The first thing I liked with the theme is its choice to use a larger font size. Although a lot of sites opt to use smaller fonts, people with poor eyesight will benefit from this kind of theme. They can even probably read the text without squinting or using their reading glasses!

And although the name of the theme is obsession, there’s no sign of obsessing over putting ad spaces to every pixel available. It’s a good thing because the overall design looks clean and uncluttered.


Right, the theme gets points for the choice of a big font size. The choice of font color is poor though. The dark font doesn’t contrast well with the darker background which makes the text difficult to read. A higher contrast between the text and background would improve readability.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the header. The choice of the image is fantastic, but the way it was edited looks somewhat hurried. Also, it looks too simple which is why some flowing lines or the likes would help improve the design of the header.

Obsessed with this theme? Check out the live demo or download the Obsessed theme here.

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