My Blogging Mistakes and their outcomes

Daily Blog Tips is organizing a great group writing project to share our blogging mistakes and how they affected us. By doing this, we’ll learn from mistakes committed by others without actually experiencing them. In other words, you’ll gain free experience, so that you won’t commit the same mistake on your blog. The actual project restricts me to write only one blogging mistake, but I’ll pick two!

#1: Offer Email Subscription to not-so-savvy folks

A blog usually has a variety of readers, some savvy and others not-so-savvy. While some readers choose RSS to track updates on your blog, others use email subscriptions. So offering an Email Subscription is equally essential. I had to learn this the hard way.
While redesigning my theme, I took off the email subscription form and replaced it with just an email subscription link which resulted in heavy readership loss. Finally, after three long months, I put the subscription form back into its original place. I was shocked to see that I had lured over 50 readers within a week. I believe I could have attracted over 500 new readers with that subscription form within three months.

#2: Never add a hyphen to your domain name

Many friends ask me why I opted for a domain name with a hyphen. I was a school-going kid when I purchased I never dreamt of being what I am today! Never! I was not experienced, nor did I have friends with any SEO knowledge. Now, I feel that having a hyphen in the domain name can be quite confusing for readers to remember. Some of my friends also claim that it has an adverse effect on search ranking (although, I don’t believe them)
Lastly, one-line advice to all aspiring bloggers: “Be a good reader, before attempting to be a blogger. Roam around the blogosphere and see what others are doing. Never give up early!”
Please temporarily bookmark this post, as I have to update this post with links to other participants of the project. That’s just a formal rule to share link love among respectable bloggers around the same topic.
What to participate in Daily Blog Tips Group Writing Project? Head over to this link for more details. So, that concludes this writing project.

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