Instagram vs Twitter – The Fight of the Giants for your Business

Ok, let’s now consider something. Social media is an absolute need. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe teens improper use it and are simply not using any kind of comprehensible dialect on them, they are essential. In this day and age, only Google can say it’s greater than social media websites. They have become where we have our news, keep in touch with friends and gather most of the advice we need in order to buy products online. In fact, so many social media sites have flown the net, so you might get confused which one to pick. There was Facebook, which is still King, although it is a bit of a coin toss between them and Twitter. After that Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube seemed new to the world but still can achieve the glory of Facebook and Twitter.
Every one of these platforms is immensely valuable and absolutely worth all the time most of the world’s population spends on them. But when it comes down to business, some are better than others in achieving a financially viable fan base that will help with your goals. And thus, today we ask the question, Instagram vs Twitter – where should you invest your time in building a fan base?
These two social media platforms have gained a huge fan base for a short time and have grown in popularity which made them one of the biggest internet giants in their own rights. When it comes to business, one of them must be better even in only a few aspects. So to help you decide which one would be better suited for your company ventures and marketing strategies, let us take a look at some statistics from both platforms. This way, we can clearly tell what type is better and in which aspect is it better than the other. The overall decision of course lies with you, the user.
Data of Instagram
What was once just a simple iOSapp, has now evolved into a juggernaut with both web and Android presence. Instagram is on full steam ahead and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With the infusion of Facebook’s pocketbook, Instagram is surely set to only get bigger. Much like YouTube where videos are shared every day, Instagram lets you share both pictures and videos with the rest of the world.Here are some information to let you in on just how big Instagram is.
  • Instagram was found in October 2010 and till now it’s gaining between 100-150 million effective visitors per month.
  • 7.3 million individuals are using Instagram every day which is a undoubtedly approximately number.
  • So far, the quantity of images that have been shared on Instagram is a staggering Sixteen Billion and it gets Forty million photos posted daily by users.
Now, to offer you a concept of just how much activity the website gets:
  • Each second Instagram computes 8500 amounts of likes
  • Also, every second the users of Instagram make A thousand coments
  • On a monthly basis, the average length of time each user spends on Instagram – 257 min’s.
  • Largest Instagram user base is between 18 – 29 year olds
  • The data show that women use Instagram more often than men, too
There can be a slight variation in these numbers because they’re all gathered not just from company reports but from other sources, too. But whatever the slight margin may be, you can clearly see just how big Instagram is. And the best thing for Instagram is that it couldn’t be destroyed by the giant of Facebook as its goal is to move forward and become larger and better.
Twitter Information
Most people have learned about Twitter. We understand for a fact it’s not a platform to take lightly. Founded several years ago, Twitter has transformed itself into an unstoppable force of connectivity. It is being used by 1000s of companies worldwide, government offices, high profile people or just usual individuals in their daily life. Well, Twitter isn’t a source for lots of information right now but it’s the best place where you can share your notions, opinions, product feedbacks, images or anything else. There are also sites that offer Engagement Packages.Here are some statistics which will assist you in comparing Twitter to Instagram. These will make you realize how big the first platform is yet.
  • The total amount of registered visitors in Twitter is 554,750,000
  • Amount of people registering daily – 135,000
  • The standard volume of tweets each day – Fifty eight million
  • Quantity of questions on Twitter on various search engines everyday – 2.1 billion
  • The quantity of unique visitors on Twitter each month – 190 million
  • Quantity of effective users every single month – 115 million
  • The percentage of people who simply watch others tweet – 40%
  • The incredible fact is that the amount of tweets each second is 9,100
There, those are the numbers as far as the two platforms are involved. According to the mathematicians the numbers tell the whole true. According to this information, Twitter stays on the top of the chart. But the things are changing quickly and this is only for the moment. In fact, Instagram is a very young platform and doesn’t have the experience of Twitter yet. Anyway, the most difficult times are coming for Facebook who’ll need to enhance its performance to continue to reign as the King of the social networks. So, we still haven’t found the answer of the most crucial question – Instagramvs Twitter when talking about business.
The Summary

Believe or not, the correct answer is… Pick the both!To run a successful marketing strategy you should use each of them. In fact, if you browse them more carefully, you’ll know how diverse are those two social media sites and what a unique value each of them has. Where Instagram is a purely visually driven site, Twitter involves smart wordplay. With Instagram, you can post photos and videos associated with your business and we all know that people love videos and pictures as a message medium. With the ever fleeting attention spans, it has something which will help your business grow.
In fact, Twitter now shows bigger numbers and people tweet more often than upload images or videos on Instagram. Twitter has 2.1 billion searches every day on Google and 58 million tweets daily, so you must pay more attention to a platform like this. Like any businessman you’ll have to know what people are saying about you in Twitter which has more than half a billion registered users till now. While browsing this social media, you’re already doing a great marketing research for your firm. So the decision remains, you need both platforms. The usage of these two social media sites in a combination is the right solution for you. In case you have any information or just need some additional advices, feel free to contact us at and we’ll show you the way to manage your social media accounts, so that you can build your social identity on the network and gain more target clients

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