How to Avoid Harmful SEO Penalty from Google

You may get in serious trouble if SEO penalty is being hit to your blog.Google is very strict against these blogs. All the reputations that you ever earned in blogosphere can lost when your blog pages is DE-indexed from Google database. As we know that getting a impressive rank in Google is not easy and several year is taken for it hence this article is about to protect blog from SEO penalty.

Optimize Blog Properly

If you are think to attract lots of visitors by optimizing page correctly then you are making mistake because Google shows strict rule against blog which have unordered customization. Hence stop gambling and put some genuine work on blog that liked by both readers and searche engines. Google stricktly dislike blogs that uses keyword stuffing to attract brands and visitors because it makes the article unreadable. A recommended practice say that your keyword density should be around 3-5% and if this limit crosses then Google Penguin, a penalty, will attract towards your blog so be careful and make proper use of keywords.

Copyright Issues

Copyright is also a big issue that may lead to de-index your blog from search engine. Generally bloggers face copyright issues with images because all the images on Internet are automatically copyright to their owners and Google is very strict against blogs that uses copyright images. So if you just download images from Internet and insert into blog post then obiously your blog will have copyright issues and its reputation will lossed among readers, Create images genuinly either by camera or any photography software and used it further on your blog.

Do you Know about OOP

It is an over optimization penelty and hits that blog which uses over SEO optimization. Search engines like Google take it very seriously and if it hit your blog then it is impossible for blog to recover from this penelty. The blogs, uses mutilpe h1 and h2 tag in same page that uses same keywords, give chance to attract these penelty. So don't be oversmart search engnes are much smarter and you can't cheat high skilled web developers of Google.

Improve Blog traffic by Changing heading tag of blog post.

Optimize image easily to get higher rank.

Avoid Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO techniques was quiet popular in previous days but at present time, necessary action is taken by Google to filter out such blog from search result. Uses of large number of link on a page by decreasing its size about to 1px so that it become invisible to readers but it was still visible to search engines. Hence these practices are not in common use nowadays as Google Panda and Google Penguin like services always like to hit that blog. So keep your blog clean and make proper use of rel="nofollow" when you are going to link to a blacklisted website. And don't ever try to copy some other works this will cause your blog to delete permanently from Google database.

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