Contextual Advertising Basics and Success Tips

Contextual Advertising Basics and Success Tips

Contextual advertising is a great way to monetise a blog. Read on for some contextual marketing basics to keep in mind to help you make the most of this online money-making method for bloggers.

What is Contextual Advertising?

Contextual ads are served on blogs to bring readers advertisements that are relevant to the topic at hand.  A bit of code is added to your blog that gives the advertiser access to the content. The advertiser then displays relevant advertisements to that subject matter. Some programs don’t just go based on the content on your blog but may also go on the habits of the individual who is visiting your blog. You can make money from these programs.

How You Make Money from Contextual Ads

There are a few ways you can make money from contextual ads, depending on the program you participate in.
  1. View
  2. Click
  3. Act
  • Some programs are based on views. You might make a certain dollar amount for every 1000 views.
  • Some are based on clicks where you will make a certain amount of money if someone clicks on a link.
  • Other programs earn you money when someone who reads the ad clicks on it and then acts, by buying something, signing up for something, or clicking further.

Examples of Some Contextual Advertising Programs

If you want to make money from contextual ad programs, there are quite a few that exist, including:

Contextual Ad Money Making Tips:

  1. Bloggers may look for high-paying topics to help them determine what to blog about but choosing a blog niche is generally a better way to make money blogging than to simply write a ‘potpourri’ blog on anything and everything.
  2. Don’t ever ask people to click on your ads. This could cost you your account with the advertiser and could result in financial losses.
  3. Give contextual advertising a chance. It won’t necessarily make money overnight.
  4. Consider more than one avenue for blog monetisation, too. You may want to do a mix of advertising programs, including: contextual ads, affiliate marketing, blog advertising, and even to create your own products and list them for sale. Having more than one income stream can increase your chances of blogging success.
  5. Don’t put monetisation ahead of providing value to your readers or you won’t make money and you won’t develop a following.
  6. Run some tests, over time, to find the best ad placement and the best programs. Over time you could learn a formula that optimises your chance of making money this way.

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