5 Virtual Tools Used By Succesful Project Managers


Project management is a crucial part of running a business but it isn’t always easy to get things to run smoothly. In fact, McKinsey & Company reports that the average large IT project runs 7 percent past deadline and 45 percent over budget, while delivering only about half of its predicted value. The secret to successful project management lies in organization and having the right tools. Here are five of the best virtual tools to help you complete projects:
asana-logoAsana is a web-based tool developed for both personal task management and larger projects. Launched in 2011, Asana allows users to structure their projects goals and deadlines into a simple checklist, create prioritized sub-tasks and track everything in a project from an easy-to-use sidebar. Tasks can be tagged with links, notes, comments and change logs that can be viewed by everyone engaged in the project. Individual tasks can be assigned to specific users as well. PCMag notes that the free version of Asanas web-based software can be used by up to 30 members of an organization without a subscription. Since Asana is a web-based tool, it can be used anywhere project members have access to the Internet and doesn’t require any software downloads.
evernote-logo-editEvernote is the ultimate note-taking tool. Creating project notebooks for multiple projects is nearly effortless and allows users to digitally scan in handwritten notes, documents and other files so that no meeting details are lost. Evernote effectively organizes even the most disorganized notes into an easy-to-view format. Dont be afraid of adding too many notes or notebooks either, as Evernotes search and tagging functions will separate research, web pages, meeting notes and reference items into folders that can be quickly reorganized based on the current needs of a project. Evernote is an excellent tool to use whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or massive IT project, and its mobile device compatibility means it can be a part of any project, anywhere.
activecollab-logo-editActiveCollab software features project scheduling tools, calendars and collaborative writing tools. ActiveCollab projects can be easily exported into other software for editing, and the software features many plug-ins that can be tailored to a projects specific needs. ActiveCollab goes beyond a simple “percent complete” model for project management and features comprehensive reports that allow users to forecast project completion dates, track user activity and combine all reports available into one page.
For more than 25 years, Intuit has been one of the leading developers of tax and bookkeeping software with products like TurboTax, Quicken and QuickBooks. Maintaining careful financial records is a huge part of making sure your project doesn’t run over budget or simply run out of funds. Creating a project budget and handling finances carefully is harder than it may seem at a glance. A study by New Bamboo found that 24 percent of website projects fail to be delivered within their budget, and that 5 percent could not confirm a final cost for their projects. The Intuit suite of products from Intuit.com makes bookkeeping easy and breaks your project out of the antiquated spreadsheet format, giving you access to countless tools to help your projects run smoothly and on budget.
teamwork-logo-editTeamwork is a web-based tool for project management that helps mangers, clients and employees work more productively. Teamwork allows users to track, share and collaborate on two projects simultaneously, and offers free online storage for data that can be upgraded at any time. Teamwork features email integration, time and milestone tracking, and web-based access. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Teamwork is an excellent tool for small businesses planning and executing new projects.

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