15 Most Popular E-commerce Shopping Carts


When you are building a website in which you plan to sell products or services on, having the most ideal E-commerce shopping cart for your users is the goal. The shopping cart must be functional for your specific product and must be easy for clients to use. One item that is often forgotten about is the need to include SEO specialists in the creation. Their services are needed to ensure that page links are optimized and that product names are also optimized. Keywords should be included in the descriptions so that the link to your website is present when a web search is performed.


Magneto is one of the most recognizable names in web shopping cart software. This service offers several options to serve enterprises, small businesses and personal businesses. This provider is known for their impeccable customer support as well as the wide variety of customization options.

Yahoo Stores

This is an ideal solution for small business owners. Yahoo Stores’ software has been in place since 1999. Independent consultants and representatives often find this software to be very user friendly and easy to integrate into an existing website.


With OpenCart, users can enable the scaling option. This adjusts the functionality for the amount of traffic using the service to ensure that the program does not crash and that every transaction is completed safely with confirmations of purchases. Already SEO friendly, optimization is much easier to do. Website owners also have the ability to make 20 different payment methods and up to 8 different shipping methods available to shoppers.


PrestaShop is an open-source shopping cart option for larger scale businesses. It is complete with a free administrative panel that installs with the program itself. Administrators are able to easily view back-end sales reports and view inventories from this software as well. Transactions can be tracked in real time, which is convenient for customers that call immediately after making a mistake with an order.


There are varying options with BigCommerce. Each plan has a varied cost from basic plans to platinum services. One of the benefits of this program is that website owners are able to try the product for free for 15 days. This allows you to shop around and try out other products before committing to a purchase.


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VirtueMart is another open-source option for larger businesses. It is designed specifically to work with Joomla. It is highly  compatible with Ajax technology and CMS. Shoppers have the ability to add/change addresses, create an account, ship to an  alternative address and access order histories all from this shopping cart.


Where PHP and MySQL coding are in place, XCart is the ideal option. This meshes well with the existing coding on your website. Using like coding options alleviates any possibility of misinterpretation of a command or clashing of destinations. The codes are already written so this is an easy to install program.


Shopify is gaining popularity rapidly. Excellent framework makes this shopping cart option one of the most desirable. Users are able to create customized templates to use that will easily match the design already existing on their website. Backing their product, Shopify offers a free trial period for new customers. This software provides its own web hosting and a safe shopping experience for your customers.


VirtueMart is another open-source option for larger businesses. It is designed specifically to work with Joomla. It is highly compatible with Ajax technology and CMS. Shoppers have the ability to add/change addresses, create an account, ship to an alternative address and access order histories all from this shopping cart.


Free framework gives new users of HighWire the ability to implement a custom design or use one that is already in place. This can essentially be a plug-and-play type of option for those that need a shopping cart to be available quickly for web users. eBay sellers and Facebook sellers can integrate this software easily into existing web pages.


Mainly for those with event registrations, file sharing and downloading programs, this cart easily installs into existing Drupal  framework. The only restriction here is that Drupal must also be in place as it is only compatible with Drupal.


Multiple website options can use CubeCart as their shopping cart program. The installation and setup process is very simple. Customization options are available as well as great customer support. This is mostly ideal for those that plan to have a long term online business.


Another well-recognized name in shopping cart software is ZenCart. Designed for open-source and large E-commerce retailers, the customization options and web tools available for both customers and administrators are remarkable. With this program, retailers are able to offer gift certificates, honor coupon codes and offer newsletter signups to customers.


Spree is designed to work with Ruby On Rails platforms. There are individual templates for administrators as well as shoppers. Up to 50 payment options can be made available for worldwide sales to take place. An additional benefit of Spree is that Google Analytics is built-in. This provides reports by product as well as a general sales report.


osCommerce offers website owners free framework. While this is a great feature, it is difficult to customize. Enlisting the service of a coding specialist is preferred to make your shopping cart look different and function just as well as other top names. This shopping cart option does need maintenance from time-to-time as well.

Consider one of these top 15 E-commerce shopping cart software programs for your website. Each is proven to be user friendly. The way that a shopping cart is displayed on your website adds to the appeal. Consider the features that are important to shoppers as well. Shoppers like to be able to modify orders easily, change quantities, view carts before checking out and remove items from the cart easily. These functions are almost mandatory in order to for shoppers to have a favorable experience.

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